GOP Senators Find Body Bags Outside Their Homes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried to encompass horrible policies within COVID relief packages and the GOP senators who have rejected her plans have been gifted with body bags outside of their homes.

Body Bags Left by Anti-Trump Agitators

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senators Susan Collins of Maine, James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina all were targets of the body bag harassment scheme.

The “gifts” were left outside of each of the listed senators’ Washington, D.C. – area residences where Democrat “protestors unloaded body bags from a truck and dumped them out front.


The bags were accompanied by signs that read, “Trump COVID Death.”

Ignorant Group is Way Off Base

The obviously disturbed group calls itself SPACEs in Action and claims responsibility for the egregious doings in a tweet.


“GOP senators led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have been blocking House-passed COVID relief for months. Over 270,000 dead, more losing jobs & homes & small businesses, and still they’re playing politics. Today we brought the bodies to their doorsteps,” the group tweeted.

It is not the Republicans who have stalled the COVID relief bill and just a little bit of research would easily show that to the Democrat protesters. It is the Democrats in fact who have been against sending citizens relief packages.

Democrats Holding Back Relief

A spokesperson for Sen. Inhofe said as much.

“May I suggest they try sharing their concerns with Speaker Pelosi or Sen. Schumer? They are the ones holding up relief — not Sen. Inhofe,” the spokesperson told Fox News.

House Democrats have called for a $2.2 trillion package of proposals, but Republicans have drawn the fiscal line at $500 billion, Fox reported.

As of Tuesday, a bipartisan group of lawmakers has come up with a $908 billion relief proposal. In it, there is $300 billion delegated for small businesses and $240 for government aid. 

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