Texas Woman Eaten Alive

This young Texas woman was only trying to do her job…and it cost her life. And shockingly, despite being literally eaten alive, no charges were filed following this gruesome incident.

Erin McCleskey, a 36-year-old woman from Austin and a certified process server for the state of Texas, tragically lost her life while serving court papers in Manor. According to KVUE, she had been to the residence twice before, but this time it would cost her dearly.

When Erin entered the property of Donald and Terry Swanson no one was home. That is when six dogs viciously attacked her, severing a major artery in her arm. She suffered for 10-15 minutes before she passed away from blood loss.

The autopsy showed all six dogs were involved in the attack. Animal Protection officers arrived at the scene and impounded the adult dogs that killed Erin as well as 14 puppies they found living onsite which were eventually adopted out according to KVUE.

Gonzalo Grimaldo owns a parking lot next door to the Swansons’ property said their dogs had escaped previously and attacked other animals including his own months before he called 911 after an “frightening” attack but nobody responded to his report. Teodoro Vences also claimed they attacked his chickens according to Fox 7.

Neighbor Christi Sparks was so fearful of her children’s safety due to roaming dogs that she refused to let them play outside for fear of being attacked herself however, despite neighbors’ complaints there was no record of animal complaints involving these particular pets or their owners according to Austin city spokeswoman Patricia Fraga.

Donald and Terry Swanson will not face charges since they did not command or sic their animals on McCleskey, it would be ruled an accident instead since it occurred on their property. James Crosby an animal behavior specialist believes these dangerous animals should be put down claiming you can’t predict what choices they may make concerning people’s lives or safety.

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