Clinton Appointed Judge Blocks DeSantis

With Big Tech censorship continuously becoming more discriminatory against conservatives, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has tried to combat it. But now, a liberal judge has just blocked the Republican leader.

Judge Blocks DeSantis Taking on Big Tech

The federal judge responsible was appointed by disgraced former President Bill Clinton. DeSantis was backing a law that would ban “a social media platform from willfully deplatforming a candidate.”

In May the GOP governor signed the important bill and said in part:

Floridians and other Americans go on these platforms to be able to share ideas. Heck, you go back to the beginning of these platforms, they actually were very liberating because you had corporate media, those legacy outlets, that many Americans grew to distrust, and rightfully so. They no longer had the monopoly on information. You could actually go around the legacy media, share information on these platforms and that was very, very positive for millions and millions of Americans.

Actually, it was a little too positive and the powers that be didn’t like that, and so I think what we’ve seen in recent years is a shift away from internet platforms, social media platforms from really being liberating forces to now being enforcers of orthodoxy. And so their primary mission, or one of their primary missions, seems to be suppressing ideas that are either inconvenient to the narrative or that they personally disagree with.

Donald Trump and Conservatives Face Discrimination

President Donald Trump is one of the most notable figures to be discriminated against and banned from social media monopolies. But many everyday Americans who voice their opinions on these platforms are also being retaliated against which is why DeSantis’ stance has been so welcomed.

A Law No More Thanks to Clinton

The law states in part:

Social media platforms that unfairly censor, shadowban, deplatform, or apply post-prioritization algorithms to Florida candidates, Florida users, or Florida residents are not acting in good faith. … Social media platforms have unfairly censored, shadow banned, deplatformed, and applied post-prioritization algorithms to Floridians.

But thanks to Clinton’s judge, this law is not going to be in effect at the moment.

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