5 arrested in investigation targeting child exploitation

Sting Captures Another Child Exploitation Ring

‘Operation Home Alone 2’ is already showing results, as authorities in Arizona have made arrests in the investigation targeting sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies have arrested five people, including a former detective for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, for child sexual exploitation.

There are six offices involved in the operation: Arizona Department of Public Safety, Casa Grande Police Department, Homeland Security, Maricopa Police Department, Pinal County Attorney’s Office, and ICE.


In a news release by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, which is leading the investigation, the department stated that the operation focuses on “sexual predators who attempted to lure underage children with the intent of engaging in sexual activity” in Pinal County.

According to ICE, the following suspects have been arrested in connection with “Operation Home Alone 2”:

  • August 26th: “Daniel May, 40, of Maricopa, and Matthew Salley, 38, also of Maricopa. Both defendants are charged for luring a minor for sexual exploitation”
  • August 27th: Jordan Holloway, 26, of Maricopa was arrested for “luring a minor for sexual exploitation.”
  • September 2nd: “Christopher Butts, 44, of Phoenix, was arrested for aggravated luring of a minor for sexual exploitation and furnishing harmful items to a minor. Butts, a former Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office detective, was out on bond for his arrest in February for the same charges.”
  • September 3rd: Ryan Kellerman, 36, of Maricopa, was arrested for “aggravated luring of a minor for sexual exploitation and furnishing harmful items to a minor. Kellerman is also a suspect in a child pornography case with the Maricopa Police Department.”

Authorities have said that more arrests are expected in the operation. This comes after the success of “Operation Not Forgotten” in Georgia, where 26 missing children were rescued, and law enforcement agents ensured the safe location of 13 others.

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