New Hunter Biden Evidence Emerges, Family Completely Shocked

In multiple text messages recovered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop by the media, evidence has emerged that he regularly used the word “n***a” in conversations with his Chicago-based Attorney George Mesires. The text messages are absolutely rife with offensive racial stereotypes aimed at black Americans. This development puts the Biden-Harris regime in an awkward position now after they pivoted hard to establishing their narrative that “terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today” and repeated references to “systemic racism”.

Biden, Harris, and the Democrat Socialists in Congress have bent over backward attempting to appease the race-baiters of their base, from BLM terrorists to Al Sharpton to little avail. This revelation of undeniably racist behavior from a member of the Biden family will do little to improve the dim view of Biden that is held by many in his own party.

According to The Daily Mail,

“Text messages recovered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show the president’s son (pictured last month) used the n-word multiple times in casual conversation with his lawyer George Messires, who is white”

A Glimpse Into a Strange Mind, A Father’s Reflection

Here are a few of Hunter’s greatest hits (Spelling errors are from context):

“Mesires- “There is Zero Coverage or pick up of the story. Zip. They spent a shit ton of resources on it too for a year??”

Biden- Wow thank you Michael Cohen.


Biden- Oh and you too

Biden- How much money do I owe you?

Biden- Becaause n***a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates

Mesires- That made me snarf my coffee.

Biden- I just made that phrase up by the way.

Biden- I should have nad your lineage.

Mesires- Clever son of a gun.

Biden- It’s wasted on you.

Mesires-Apparently you do.

Biden- Thats what I’m saying ni…”

Then the messages start to take a hard left turn from racially offensive to racially offensive and somewhat creepy.

“Biden- Where do you find unconditional love then George

Mesires- God loves unconditionally. beau loves you unconditionally, Children are too young to understand what it means. But you will show them.

Mesires- There are ideals of unconditional love that serve as proxies. I don’t have many. You. God.

Biden- OMG n***a did you just a fictional character from the imagination of the collective frightened and my dead brothers unconditional love is what I should rely on and my kids aren’t children George.

Mesires- My parents love was conditioned.

Biden- My penis’ as of late has been un conditional.

Mesires- That’s why we are searching.

Biden- For my penis.

Mesires- And we will always be searching.

Biden- Its big penis George.

Biden- They always find it.

Biden- And I only love you because you’re black.

Mesires- It’s so annoying when you interject with frivolity.

Biden- True dat n***a.

Biden- But I’m done my rant.

Mesires- We will always be searching

Biden- To be serious for one more minute my true and beautiful friend the search is over when you finally realize that the unconditional love you give is the end of the research. the love we give without condition that is the reward in and of itself. When you can say without exception that your love is given unconditionally to all even those who hurt and especially to those that seem incapable of returning it then your search is over.”

Why The Words And Behavior of Hunter Biden Are Important

Common wisdom from varied, reliable sources teaches us that our children are reflections of ourselves. From the bible: the book of Proverbs 22:6 says “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” to sociology: W. E. B. Du Bois said, “Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.” So when we look at someone critically to ascertain the quality of a person for a role so important as the Presidency, we MUST look to their children as windows into what they themselves would choose to obfuscate. Our children, more often than naught reflect us in spite of ourselves, both in our worst and best attributes.

We look at Joe Biden, who sponsored a bill against school integration through busing, who told Congress in 1977 that he feared his children growing up in what he called a “racial jungle“, fought hard for the “Comprehensive Control Act” and the “Anti-Drug Abuse Act” which imposed sentencing minimums that disproportionately jailed more black people then Kamala could dream of,  who in 1993 referred in a famous speech to “predators on our streets.” when Republicans and Democrats bipartisanly attempted to reel in the runaway “war on drugs”. The very same Joe Biden who adoringly eulogized a former Exalted Cyclops of the Klu Klux Klan: Senator Robert Byrd. And the same Joe Biden who believed Barack Obama to be the “First sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy.”

Now look back at Hunter… See what I mean? Biden has shown every intention to portray himself as a champion for black Americans, but his past, which is the context in which his children were raised yielded results that reflect who the man truly is. While people can surely change, the actions of the Biden-Harris administration to manipulate black Americans for their support, stoking and directing racial tensions for their benefit

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