Kristina Narayan Democrat staffer arrested

Democrat Staffer Thrown in the Slammer

Kristina Narayan, Democrat staffer and legislative director for the Speaker of the House in Oregon’s state legislature was arrested during a riot in Portland.

Narayan has worked for state Representative Tina Kotek, a Democrat, since 2016. She was charged with interfering with a peace officer at a riot on September 5th.

A spokesperson for the Portland Police spoke about the incident, stating: “Kristina Narayan was arrested for Interfering with a Police Officer after the event became a riot and the crowd was given multiple orders to disperse, which she did not do.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, almost 150 calls were left on hold with Portland police Saturday, as they prioritized the riot.

The Portland police also announced that 58 other people were arrested on charges that night, ranging from rioting to attempted assault of a police officer.

A press release from the department stated that “Multiple fire bombs, mortars, rocks, and other items were thrown at law enforcement during a riot Saturday night in Southeast Portland.”

Videos posted to social media by Sergio Olmos of Oregon Public Broadcasting show police using tear gas, and trying to push through barricades set up by the rioters. The police attempted to arrest people who were pushing back while fireworks are launched around them.

Portland police have stated that they moved in with the intent to put out fires in garbage cans and pallets of wood placed in the streets by rioters.

Andy Ngo, editor of The Post Millennial, documented the riots and arrests on Twitter:

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