Justice Dept. Looks at Criminal Charges for Bolton

The former national security advisor for President Donald Trump, John Bolton, is under investigation for probable disclosing classified information.

Bolton Hit by Justice Department

Bolton released a memoir in June which has launched a criminal case by the US Department of Justice after the publication of The Room Where It Happened.

Bolton has denied that he has done anything wrong.


The now author was Trump’s national security advisor from 2018-2019 and is claiming the president’s decisions are just based on his efforts to get re-elected.

At the time Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that the Trump administration’s emergency request to stop the book came too late and now hundreds of thousands of copies have been distributed, NPR reported.

In Hot Water Now

However, the judge did want Bolton in his 10-page ruling that the former national security advisor “has gambled with the national security of the United States. He has exposed his country to harm and himself to civil (and potentially criminal) liability.”


President Trump took to Twitter to criticize Bolton: “He turned out to be grossly incompetent, and a liar. See judge’s opinion. CLASSIFIED INFORMATION!!!”

It is reported that subpoenas have been sent to Simon & Schuster, Bolton’s publisher, and Javelin, his literary agency.

Legal Battle Heats Up

His attorney, Charles Cooper, has made accusations that the government is holding up the review of the book before its publication. The attorney also made public that Bolton fully denies any wrongdoing on his part.

“We are aware of reports that grand jury subpoenas have been issued seeking information concerning the publication of Ambassador Bolton’s recent book. Ambassador Bolton emphatically rejects any claim that he acted improperly, let alone criminally, in connection with the publication of his book, and he will cooperate fully, as he has throughout, with any official inquiry into his conduct,” the statement said.

Another anti-Trumper unleashed an agenda just in time for the 2020 presidential election.

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