State Legislators Are Taking New Steps to Protect Children

Legislators in Alabama have taken new steps to protect children in the state by implementing punishments for doctors who carry out irreversible sex change operations on minors. Their legislation will also outlawing the teaching of sexual content to young children in public schools, following the example of Florida and other red states that have moved to address the “grooming” of students by school teachers and administrators.

Punishments for subjecting children to horrific surgeries

The legislation was passed by the state’s House of Representatives with a clear majority and will now be sent to Governor Kay Ivey, who has not commented on whether or not she will sign it.

Democrats and leftist activist groups are vowing to fight the legislation in the courts. The Department of Justice has also reacted with extreme hostility.

The ACLU even described the bill as “the most deadly, sweeping, and hostile law targeting transgender people in the country” which is quite the endorsement.

Several important measures are included, but the most important is that the law will punish individuals who carry out “gender-affirming surgeries” and other irreversible medical procedures on minors.

“Gender-affirming surgery” is a euphemism for an operation that is almost unspeakably grotesque in reality and consists of little more than inflicting a damaging and permanent wound to the genitals of someone who is not yet allowed to buy cigarettes.

This is accompanied by a cocktail of puberty blockers and hormones that cause similarly drastic and irreversible physical and mental damage.

Awareness of school “grooming” spreads

Alabama legislators have recognized that any “doctor” who carries out these procedures is engaged in dangerous and unethical practices that cause irreparable harm to vulnerable minors.

That said, it doesn’t start with the doctors. The legislation also aims to prevent schools from encouraging children to believe that they need these procedures to affirm their gender identities.

This is what is commonly known as “grooming,” a term that has inspired a fierce reaction recently from liberals who take offence to its being applied to the teaching of sexuality-related content to children.

Many conservatives believe that it is necessary to outlaw behavior from teachers and school administrators that steers kids in this direction as well as outlawing the physically damaging procedures.

Ignoring these issues and failing to pass laws like those created in Alabama and Florida means risking the institutionalization of child abuse.

Republican lawmakers are increasingly recognizing both the importance and the popularity of such legislation and it will undoubtedly be a major factor in deciding primary races between candidates who need to demonstrate their commitment to conservative causes.

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