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Texas Republicans Respond to Elementary School Hosting Disgusting Event

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has argued that an elementary school in Austin broke state law after it held a horrific “pride week” event that came frighteningly close to sexualizing young children and attempted to keep parents in the dark. Doss Elementary hosted a “pride week” that encouraged children to embrace different sexual orientations without parental consent, though any parent who would consent to such a thing probably shouldn’t be a parent.

Elementary school pushes disturbing agenda

Footage of the event is truly disgusting and shows adults herding children through the halls of the school, all covered in gay pride flags and being led in chants.

This is commonly referred to as a kind of “grooming” that uses progressive orthodoxy to expose children to sexual content at a young age.

Drag queen story hours and public pride parades are other expressions of this, and Doss Elementary is clearly preparing its students to attend increasingly obscene and explicit demonstrations in the future.

Even kindergarten students at the school are subjected to lessons that require them to promise that no one outside the room will be told about what is said.

That includes parents, and this is where Paxton believes that there is a legal issue. The Texas attorney general, however, has only sent a letter advising that the district keep parents informed and ask for parental consent.

The district immediately dismissed the letter and vowed to continue subjecting young children to “sexual education” regardless of what Paxton or concerned parents think about it.

Parents kept in the dark

Paxton and other Texas Republicans now have a chance to show that they are truly serious about protecting children from legalized grooming and exploitation in the public school system.

Aggressive action is necessary; demanding parental consent is not enough, this sort of event should be entirely prohibited in any civilized country.

Florida  Governor Ron DeSantis has fought through liberal opposition to enact legislation that will place limits on this sort of thing, though even that does not go nearly far enough.

In addition to it being repulsive and immoral, this issue is doing real damage to America’s reputation abroad. Our domestic debates have global repercussions.

Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, a key ally of Vladimir Putin, rallied domestic support for the war in Ukraine by telling the faithful that conflict is necessary so that their children are not subjected to gay pride parades.

When people in non-Western countries hear about American values they are increasingly thinking about the sorts of values that inspire pride parades in elementary schools, rather than liberty and independence.

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