Tyrant Biden Admin Begins $1.7bill Surveillance of Americans

In a development predicted by many on the right, the Biden-Harris regime has announced on Friday that they will be spending $1.7 Billion of taxpayer money “to monitor new and emerging COVID-19 variants which could induce another pandemic wave” stating that they will also be launching one of the nation’s largest “variant surveillance initiatives”. How to you “monitor” and conduct “surveillance” of a disease? You don’t, you must “monitor” and “surveil” the people infected. In this case those people are the American people. Therefore, the United States Government under the control of the Biden-Harris regime now has our own citizens under warrantless surveillance.

Surveillance of Americans- In The Name of COVID

The Federal Government is using the thin justification of combatting the various strains of COVID19 According to The Street,

“Concurrently, to combat these mutated strains, advanced molecular diagnostics laboratory, Premier Medical Laboratory Services announces their launch of one of the nation’s largest variant surveillance initiatives. Now conducting genomic sequencing of 6,000 specimens per day, PMLS plans to increase that number to 12,000 by May. The large amounts of data gathered by this initiative will help protect the population from a future surge and cases with increased severity of symptoms.”  


“Sequencing information and population studies can give us vital information regarding evolution of the COVID 19 virus.” laments that “US coronavirus tracking can’t keep up with concerning variants”, one of the largest issues that researches have identified are that “federal money isn’t flowing fast enough” and US Universities, Government and Commercial labs have “systemic problems in sharing samples and data”. Because God-forbid, those samples and data are PRIVATE medical information and are protected by laws like HIPAA, in the waning days of the Trump administration the Department of Health and Human services relaxed procedures to allow these organizations to share data while still maintaining patient privacy.

Stacia Wyman, a computational genomicist at the Innovative Genomics Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, says, “It’s tough to know what’s allowed, and public-health departments don’t have a huge bandwidth for this.”

The Democrat-Socialist Goal is Revealed

“The biggest challenge is that we don’t have a single health system,” said Art Reingold, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Berkeley. “It’s a nightmare.” And there it is, the ultimate crux of the the Biden-Harris regime’s “solution” (for a problem they stood by and watched the Chinese Communist part create). If the United States had this so-called “single health system” then fighting this virus would be so much easier! All it will cost is the medical privacy of the American people and one-step closer to a socialist government. The CDC in their explanatory video created under the Trump Administration says that,

“Contact tracing helps keep you, your family,   and your community safe by  slowing the spread of COVID-19.  Contact tracing lets people know they may  have been exposed and what to do next. During contact tracing, you  will never be asked for money or a social security number. Your information is safe.
If you have COVID-19, a public health  worker will call to check on your health,   answer questions, and let you know  about services that could help. This information is confidential and kept private. “
If the Biden-Harris regime how long will that remain the case? How long will your information be safe from a government which has decided it is acceptble to conduct “surveillance” on you, all in the name of public health.
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