The Witch Hunt Continues: They Now Want Ivanka and Don Jr

Former Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA), is a RINO who blames President Trump and America-First Republicans for her 2018 loss to Democrat Jennifer Wexton. Above Comstock is pictured in 2017 with President Trump, Ivanka, and Melania, one has to wonder if she had already planned to turn on him then. (She kind of looks like it doesn’t she?) Years later she revealed herself as being exactly the kind of establishment anti-Trump RINO that feels at home with Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and Mitt Romney. Sometimes a “Republican” losing a Congressional seat isn’t the worst thing that can happen after all.

Comstock, in an apparent effort to be relevant for the first time in three years, told an NYU sponsored Zoom conference July 6th titled “The GOP After Trump” that former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump, Jr. should be subpoenaed by Congress “to determine if they had any involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.” according to The Washington Examiner.

“You’re going to have lots of people who are going to keep their communications with Trump Jr. or with Ivanka,” She told the NYU Zoom Conference.

“If you go subpoena those people individually, say subpoena Mark Meadows for all the contact that he had with anybody having anything to do with this rally on Jan. 6, how did that come about, all those documents will be very easy to get, and you should subpoena those individuals personally because they will not have executive privilege over any documents they took home and are sitting in their basement or their garage,” Comstock said.

A Vengeful RINO Lashes Out At Ivanka And Don Jr.

Comstock, who clearly is still smarting over the fact that after she abandoned conservative Republicans to cozy up to moderates and Democrats in her district, they, in turn, abandoned her. Is now in a desperate attempt to hold onto relevancy, breathlessly suggesting that Donald Trump, Jr, and Ivanka who had ADVISORY roles in the Trump administration, might have sensitive documentation “sitting in their basement or their garage”. You know: because the chain of custody on sensitive documentation doesn’t exist in our government right? Even Chief of Staff Mark Meadows would likely not have documents of a sensitive nature in his personal possession since leaving the White House. Could you imagine the kind of security risk that would pose?

Comstock’s next line of reasoning is so irredeemably and objectively false, it almost doesn’t bear quotation, but here we go:

“There’s so many things that haven’t been looked at at all — basically the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House. Nothing has been looked out from Jan. 6 about what they did that day, how that rally came about, all of the people who funded the rally, how people like the Proud Boys and these, you know, Three Percenters, these different groups, the white nationalist groups, that were there,” she added.

“Nothing has been looked at from Jan 6th” — WHAT?!?

Yes, according to Fmr. Rep. Comstock, “Nothing has been looked at from Jan 6th”, except for the full second impeachment proceedings against President Trump right? When every Democrat in Congress, plus the mainstream media desperately tried FOR A MONTH, to make the charge of “Incitement of insurrection” stick? With hundreds of hours of video and audio painstakingly analyzed and they came up with NOTHING? Seriously, was she in a coma from late January into early February? A lot of us who had to cover it wish we were.

The former Congresswoman is leaning hard on her experience during the Clinton investigation to draw these lines of reasoning but there is an inherent problem: she’s talking about an investigation that took place over twenty years ago. She suggests,

“I don’t understand why they haven’t subpoenaed things already because there’s existing committees that could have subpoenaed things. And I did investigations in the 90s of the Clinton administration, and one of the things that we did that proved to be very effective is that people who had already left the White House — we knew that the chances were they’d take documents with them,” she said. “I think that is going to be very likely in the case of the Trump people because they’re all afraid of each other. They’re all afraid that they’re going to be the scapegoat, but they’re going to be blamed for things.”

As the Hillary Clinton investigation showed us, people don’t take “documents” when they leave, its’ always what’s found on a laptop or a smartphone, and the likelihood of finding a “smoking gun” rather than a wiped device is slight which is what made the Hunter Biden laptop such an anomaly. All that Barbara Comstock has done in this exercise is embarrass herself publicly, showing the nation how vengeful, petty, and painfully out of touch she has become.


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