Shocking CNBC Poll Reveals How Poorly Biden is Doing

Shocking CNBC Poll Reveals How Poorly Biden is Doing

According to a shocking new poll from CNBC/Change Research, Joe Biden‘s disapproval rating soared to a record high in December of 2021.

Joe Biden’s disapproval rating has climbed to a record 56%, beating his previous record of 54% in September 2021. Questions asked of voters during the poll indicate that the issues frustrating Americans the most are his handling of the economy and his leadership during the COVID pandemic.

Biden’s approval rating, according to the CNBC/Change Research poll, sat at 44% as of December, which marks a consistent decline from 46% in September 2021 and 51% in April 2021.

These numbers are still much better than other polls, including a USA Today and Suffolk University poll released on November 8th, 2021, which showed his approval rating at just 38%.

Regardless of the numbers, there is one thing that is certain: voters are frustrated at the state of the country, and they are definitely blaming Biden. With skyrocketing inflation, gas prices, and food prices, along with a supply chain crisis, the American people are definitely struggling.

According to the CNBC/Change Research poll, the economy remains the top priority for voters of all demographics.

Of the 1,895 respondents, 60% said that they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, and 72% said that they disapproved of his handling of the price of everyday goods.

Meanwhile, 66% disapproved of his efforts to help alleviate the burden on their wallets.

COVID was also a concern of many respondents in the poll, 55% of whom disapproved of Biden’s leadership during the pandemic. Despite consistently proposing top-down authoritarian federal solutions, including mandates, since he took office, Biden recently came out and stated that COVID had no federal solution. Clearly, the American people are losing trust in his ability to do his job, especially since the majority of his presidential campaign was focused on the pandemic.

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