Another FAKE Poll Attempts to Praise Biden

Americans were stunned in March as a poll was released showing that a majority of adults apparently approved of the Biden-Harris regime’s handling of the COVID19. This poll struck many as fake when viewed in context with the White House’s abyssmal YouTube likes and viewership with videos from Biden and Harris regularly ratio’d. The situation has become so embarassing that YouTube is considering removal of the “dislike” function as a result and have manipulated the like/dislike numbers for the White House’s channel.

For Example:

NPR, PBS & Marist College’s Fake Poll

The results of the poll are immediately suspect as they overwhelmingly favor Biden and even show a respectable portion of Rebpublican and Trump supporters favored Joe Biden’s COVID response which strains credulity. Especially considering a previous poll from ABC News/Ipsos showed that just one in five Americans has a “great deal” of confidence that Biden will make progress in his plan to unify the country. That kind of a leap in just two months is, to put it mildly, highly unlikely.

According to WRTV.com,

“The survey results from NPR, PBS NewsHour, and Marist College come just as a new $1.9 trillion stimulus deal was signed into law on Thursday. Of the 1,227 U.S. adults involved in the poll, 62 percent said Biden was handling the public health crisis well. Participants were interviewed over the phone in English and Spanish between March 3 and March 8. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points, according to NPR.

Thirty percent of Republicans and 22 percent of Trump supporters involved in the poll were part of the approval rating.”

A closer examination of the Poll’s methodology reveals a pretty significant problem though: the poll disproportionately sampled Democrats and so-called “independents” skewing the results clealy in Biden’s favor. Registered voters accounted for 88% of the sample group and of those only 27% were Republican compared to 34% Democrat and 37% “independent”.

A Skewed View of Vaccine Acceptance

While the poll, and all of the stories that cover it go on to trumpet how amazingly “Two-thirds of people said they have either gotten the vaccine or will get it. Only 30 percent said they didn’t plan to get the vaccine. That’s an improvement from the 44 percent who said they wouldn’t in September of last year.” in spite of an objectively growing percentage of the population reporting “vaccine hesitancy” and the left discussing more and more aggressive means to defeat it. For example: a Houston, TX hospital threatening to fire employees who refuse to the rushed vaccine. Frighteningly, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has told employers that they can require vaccination to protect public health.

While other companies are using the carrot instead of the stick as the New York Times reported,

“Shirley Bloomfield, the chief executive of N.T.C.A. — The Rural Broadband Association, which represents small, rural telecommunications companies, has been working with the White House on pushing her members to get the vaccine.

“One of my C.E.O.s is paying everyone $100 to get the vaccine,” she said. “I think we all have to be a little more creative because we’re seeing that saturation point.”

Pure Propoganda

NPR, PBS & Marist College are guilty of propogating pure propoganda with this badly skewed, fake poll. The American people are not generally accepting of the Biden-Harris regime, most are displeased with the nations response to COVID19 in one direction or the other (too harsh or not enough) almost NO-ONE is completely satisfied. This poll from two government sources that traditionally lean left and a college that traditionally leans somewhat left and features critical race theory in its curriculum. Therefore, in any objective gauge or consideration this poll is invalid as any rational indicator. It is purely propogandist seeking to add an aire of legitimacy to a regime sorely lacking it.




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