Shock Surprise During Report On His Missing Son

I love live television, to this day it is great for the fact that you never really know what is going to happen.

The idea that someone can make a mistake, or flub a line and there is no net to catch them is pretty exciting.

I was a wrestling fan growing up and I remember with great clarity many a time on a live broadcast where a wrestler would think that they were doing a pre taped segment, totally screw it up, and break character only to realize they are live.

Live television is always great for things like that.

It’s also great when you can catch someone in a lie. Far too many times, we have people that come out on the news and other shows (usually politicians) and spread absolute falsehoods that nobody can check them live on.

Anyway, one of my favorite “we’re live” moments happened back in 2014 when a man named Charle Bothuell was brought onto Nancy Grace’s television program to speak about his missing son.

She was presumably going to be trying to help the man in the rescue efforts of his son.

In the middle of interviewing Charle, Nancy Grace got a note from one of her producers that the boy had been indeed found.

More interestingly, the boy had been found in the basement of the family home. Nancy grilled him on this development and uncovered an even more tragic set of circumstances.

He legitimately had no idea where the boy was, and had no idea that he was still in the home.

The boy had apparently carved out a place in the basement where the family would not find him.

As he later confessed to police investigators, the child admitted that he was a victim of physical abuse by both his mother and his father.

Not knowing anywhere else to go, he figured out some way of hiding from the parents who reported him missing.

I have to say, it is a sad state of affairs that any child would feel the need to hide from their parents.

It’s just sad that it had to come to this for the boy.

Two years later the father confessed to child abuse and was sent to prison.

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