Video: Bus Driver Does NOTHING to Protect Child From Assault

A viral video shows a little boy begging his bus driver to let him stay on the bus. The video footage captured by another child on the bus also shows the boy pleading with the bus driver to drop him off at his house rather than at the bus stop.

The clearly terrified child does not get the help he is clearly begging for, instead, the bus driver screams at the boy. to get off the bus. the video is 47-second-long of pure torture as the boy is forced off the bus by the driver and then is chased and attacked by an older student outside the bus.

The student who captured the footage follows the movements of the scared little boy from his altercation with the bus driver and what happens once he gets off the bus. There at the bus stop, an older boy is waiting for the child. As soon as the kid is kicked off the bus the older Student attacks.

According to reports the incident happened at the Four Corners Church of God bus stop last week. The bus was from the Locust Grove Public Schools system. Police officials were informed of the situation.

In the video clip the boy can be heard: “You’re gonna kill and try to punch me,” before he is yelled to get down at the bus stop.

Major Rod Howell of the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office, said in an interview with local news that  “The video is alarming itself and obviously, it’s enough to start an investigation.”

Howell also said that police are investigating another cellphone video and two cameras on the bus. Police are working to obtain the black box on the bus to understand, thoroughly, what occurred.

Locust Grove Public Schools released a statement to cover their involvement by claiming that both the student and the bus driver’s actions have been “addressed internally.”

The entire statement read:

“Locust Grove Public Schools had an incident take place January 17th on one of our school buses involving two students. The incident was turned over to law enforcement and the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a complete investigation. The students’ and bus driver’s actions have been addressed internally.”

The school district is cooperating with the police investigation.

Watch the video report below for more details:

Sources: AWM, News On 6, KFSM


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