Here’s the 20 RINOs Who Refuse to Censure Adam Schiff

More than twenty Republican representatives in Congress have proven themselves to be just as feckless and useless to the American people as one would expect. This time they do not even have the decency to stand up for the truth.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna from Florida announced that the House would vote to censure and fine Rep. Schiff this week.

According to the office of House Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-Mass.), a procedural vote on the measure was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Those Republicans who do not vote to censure Schiff, who still has access to classified information, illustrate just how useless they really are as Schiff is a known liar and conformist to the leftist agenda.

Luna argued that his behavior represents a betrayal of public trust. By overtly lying and misleading the American people about the information he had he undermines the integrity of the legislative process.

“Representative Schiff exploited his position on HPSCI (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) to promote and excuse abusive intelligence investigations of Americans for political purposes,” Luna made clear her contempt for Schiff.

“The American taxpayers shelled out $32 million to fund an investigation into collusion launched as a result of Representative Schiff’s lies, misrepresentations, and abuses of sensitive information,” continued Luna.

Luna called for Schiff to be held financially accountable. Her proposal was that Schiff should bear the burden of half the cost of the investigation that his mishandling of information caused. That would be $16 million out of Schiff’s pocket.

This suggestion from the Florida Rep. comes after an investigation conducted by the Committee on Ethics, which found that Schiff lied, misrepresented, and misused sensitive information.

However, on Wednesday, the republican party proved itself to be as useless as ever as Adam Schiff was not censored, or even condemned, for his actions in the Russia Hoax.

More than twenty Republicans voted with Democrats to protect Schiff.

The chamber voted 225-196-7. Twenty Republicans voted with Democrats to block the resolution. Another seven lawmakers, five Democrats, and two Republicans, voted present.

Earlier The Gateway Pundit reported that Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky would vote not to censure Adam Schiff. A move that disappoints many of the would-be conservative hero’s supporters.

“Adam Schiff acted unethically but if a resolution to fine him $16 million comes to the floor I will vote to table it. (vote against it) In fact, I’m still litigating a federal lawsuit against Pelosi over a salary reduction she imposed on me for my refusal to wear a mask,” Massie said.

“The Constitution says the House may make its own rules but we can’t violate other (later) provisions of the Constitution. A $16 million fine is a violation of the 27th and 8th amendments,” he added.

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