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Top Democrat TURNS on Biden… Spills the Beans

Right now, Joe Biden and this administration need every talking head that goes on TV to back his campaign.

That, however, is not happening.

Our old friend Governor Cuomo has been back out in the circuit, and it sounds a lot to me like he is laying the groundwork for a run at the White House in 2028.

Not My President

Cuomo is making it clear that he feels as though Joe Biden is dropping the ball.

He is also challenging Biden to confront his age issues by making more appearances, something we know will not happen because Biden simply does not have the energy for that.

Cuomo recently appeared on Bill Maher’s show, where he blasted how the campaign is being run…

The former governor of New York also attacked the hush-money case, which will just delight Trump and his supporters, as it gave Trump even more ammunition to use against Biden during the debate this week.

Cuomo stated, “If his name was not Donald Trump and if he wasn’t running for president … I’m the former AG of in New York, [and] I’m telling you that case would’ve never been brought.

“That’s what is offensive to people, and it should be because if there’s anything left, it’s belief in the justice system.

“And you want to talk about a threat to democracy: When you have this country believing you’re playing politics with the justice system and you’re trying to put people in jail or convict them for political reasons, then we have a real problem.”

This really is key in that we are starting to see more Democrats with higher aspirations start to separate from Biden for fear that he will lose this election.

And they are doing this even though Biden has been surging in polling after the Trump conviction.

This tells me they believe that the surge is more than likely only temporary and that Trump will eventually come out on top.

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