Texas Takes a Stand: New Immigration Law Passes Despite Controversy

The Texas House of Representatives passed a controversial bill that could drastically change immigration policy in the Lone Star State. House Bill 4, which was approved by an 84-60 vote, allows local police to arrest and deport illegal migrants without federal authorities getting involved.

The passing of this bill has sparked debate from both sides of the aisle due to its implications for immigrants and their families living in Texas. Republicans favor HB 4 to empower state law enforcement officers and provide more robust border security. Proponents also argue that the legislation is humane, logical, and efficient – citing that anyone who enters illegally should be ordered back to where they came from.

On the other hand, Democrats are vehemently opposed to this bill because they believe it will lead to further discrimination against immigrants in Texas.

“It hurts us to our f—ing core,” state Rep. Armando Lucio Walle of Houston told Harris after the Republican ended the discussion of the bill. “And you don’t understand that. You don’t live in our skin. And that’s what pisses me off.”

They worry that HB 4 gives too much power to local law enforcement officers and will lead them down a slippery slope toward racial profiling. Additionally, they think it’s unfair for Texans who may have crossed into the country legally or through asylum programs to be unfairly targeted under this legislation.

The passage of House Bill 4 sets up a showdown between Texas Republicans and the Biden Administration over border security disputes after President Biden recently declared his opposition to any new construction on border walls in South Texas. The state Senate plans to vote for it soon, but with such divided opinions, anything can happen before then.

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