SEVERE Ethical Headaches for Kamala Harris Begin to Surface

Imperial Leader Joe Biden’s second in command and projected successor, Kamala Harris, is already having migraine headaches over emails she’s been getting from the ethics department. Politico is supposed to be left-leaning enough to be under total control, but they keep telling the public about nasty family secrets of the ruling class.

Kamala Harris follows Biden plan

Taking a page from the Biden crime family play-book, Kamala Harris has apparently been letting her family members cash in on her political connections. Her niece Meena has been riding the gravy train for years.

Now, it seems, Meena Harris just got tossed under the bus. The optics of what she’s been up to have folks making comparisons to Hunter Biden and the money he collected from China, Ukraine, and Russia for meetings with his dad, and allegedly kicking a huge cut back to Joe.


When even Politco starts reporting that the Biden regime is taking heat over the way Meena Harris is “leveraging her relationship with her aunt” and putting it in the bank, liberal Democrats start questioning the Kool-Aid they’ve been guzzling all along. The White House is allegedly “concerned.” The propaganda team put their heads together and issued a statement on behalf of Vice-Leader Kamala. Harris “and her family will uphold the highest ethical standards,” they proclaim.

They admit they know full well that her “name should not be used in connection with any commercial activities that could reasonably be understood to imply an endorsement or support,” Spokesunit Sabrina Singh notes. Like all the products marketed by her niece. It’s the very definition of “nepotism.”

Politco just won’t leave it alone. “the policy has been trickier to enforce with Meena than some other family members,” they write, “given how much Kamala’s image is intertwined with her business projects.”


They go on to explain, “after Biden was officially declared the winner last November, transition ethics lawyers informed Meena that she could sell the rest of her Kamala-themed apparel but could not restock the items.” Items in the “Phenomenal” line including “Kamala Harris Swimsuit,” “Kamala Tank,” and “Kamala T-shirt.” They were on the site last fall but “are no longer sold.” The cash is already in the bank.

Royalties for the royalty

But “what about the book royalties?” you might ask. The same author at Politico used his Democrat approved Twitter account to post “‘Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea,’ which was published in June 2020 before Biden picked Kamala as vice president, poses further ethical knots.”

New World Order administrators in D.C. admit that “Meena would be prohibited from publishing that book now because it uses Kamala’s name in the title and her likeness on the cover, which is a drawing of a younger Kamala with Maya Harris, Meena’s mother.”

It wasn’t published now, it was published then. That Kamala exploiting cash is in the bank. “It’s not clear if Meena continuing to accept royalties on the book is permitted, however.” When asked about it, “Meena did not comment.”

Politico says that “the Biden administration was ‘worried’ about Meena Harris ‘following the spirit of the rules.'” That statement proves we don’t have rules anymore, only the “ghost” of rules. In the new post-constitutional open society rules are what the Democrats declare they are and that can change at any time.

Another thing that the ethics department is digging into involves some t-shirts which Meena Harris “pushed” the campaign to sell on their website. Once everybody started noticing that Meena Harris’ name was on the label, they stopped selling them “for appearance sake.” The office of Imperial Leader “didn’t want to make it seem or appear that she would be benefiting or profiting from the campaign,” another spokesunit explains.

Another way that Meena was cashing in on her connection to Kamala popped up since the November selection. “She created a production company with a former member of the Obama White House.” The very first project was “a two-minute video that featured” her aunt. “The White House said it did not know if Meena was paid for the ad, or whether her company volunteered its time. If the former, it might violate White House policy. Asked if she was paid by Supermajority, Meena didn’t respond.”

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