McConnell Makes HUGE Concession to Trump… WHOA!

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has loved that Trump Senate candidates are struggling.

Over the last few days, he has taken some bombshell hits on this front.

As Senate leader, his job is to support the candidates chosen by the voters, and he has failed to do that.

Well, he was failing, but the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) is now dropping boatloads of cash behind Trump candidates.

I’ll Help

Honestly, I did not expect McConnell to help a single Trump-backed candidate.

When the SLF dropped more than $20 million into ad buys for JD Vance, it was stunning, but understandable.

Vance is one of few battleground Senate candidates backed by Trump that is winning his race.

McConnell has never been a supporter of Mehmet Oz, but he also is now shelling out more than $30 million to help him.

In fact, the SLF just hammered John Fetterman with this ad…

SLF President Steven Law stated, “Pennsylvania is a top-tier priority that is integral to our goal of electing a Republican Senate majority.

“We have long said Pennsylvania is a winnable seat if Republicans can stay competitive on air and articulate a message about improving Americans’ quality of life — now we are putting our money where our mouth is.”

This is a real game changer for GOP Senate hopes in November.

Honestly, I had written Oz off but if the GOP jumps in here with all that money, he may come back from the dead.

Source: Newsmax

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