Secretary of State Issues Emergency Rules Prohibiting Election Audits... Calls Them 'Fraudits'

Secretary of State Issues Emergency Rules Prohibiting Election Audits… Calls Them ‘Fraudits’

A Democrat Secretary of State has put herself, and her state, under the microscope after announcing that her office has issued emergency rules prohibiting election audits.

Colorado’s Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold randomly announced on Twitter that her state would be prohibiting “fraudits,” obviously taking a swipe at the Arizona election audit.

“My office just issued rules prohibiting sham election audits in the State of Colorado. We will not risk the state’s election security nor perpetuate The Big Lie. Fraudits have no place in Colorado,” Griswold wrote.


In a June 17th press release, Griswold claimed that “Colorado’s elections are considered the safest in the nation.”

Here is the full statement from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office:


The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office today adopted emergency elections rules prohibiting third-parties from accessing voting equipment in the state of Colorado.

“Colorado’s elections are considered the safest in the nation, and we must remain steadfast in our dedication to security,” said Secretary of State Jena Griswold. “Along those lines, no third-party person or vendor will be permitted access to voting equipment in our state. We will not risk the state’s election security nor perpetuate The Big Lie. Sham audits have no place in Colorado.”

The new and amended rules, which have been implemented immediately, reinforce who can access state-certified voting systems. In order to access any component of a county’s voting system, a person must have passed a comprehensive criminal background check and be either an employee of the county clerk, an employee of the voting system provider, an employee of the Secretary of State’s Office, or an appointed election judge.

The rules further enable the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office to limit or prohibit the use of, as well as decertify, any voting systems component in the event of a break in its chain-of-custody or other hardware security compromises, such that its security and integrity can no longer be verified.

A third-party vendor with no election experience is currently performing a faulty, unsecure election audit in Arizona and calls for such sham audits have been spreading in other states. Several Colorado counties have been contacted by third parties offering to conduct audits. Colorado already administers post-election Risk Limiting Audits after every statewide election, which gives a statistical level of confidence that the outcome of an election is correct.

Twitter users were quick to respond to Griswold’s concerning statement. The majority of responses were people noting how suspicious this announcement was.

Journalist and YouTube commentator Tim Pool wrote:

“Well… I wasn’t suspicious before but now I’m thinking Wtf

It’s like if you’re in a meeting and no one says anything then some dude randomly blurts out ‘I didn’t fart’

You’d be like, uhhh ok, but did you?”

“The first sign of fraud is the perpetrator’s effort to avoid transparency or accountability… What is @JenaGriswold hiding?” wrote Tony Shaffer, President of the London Center for Policy Research.

These two tweets illustrate the point that most Twitter users were making: No one was looking at Colorado as a state that needed to be audited, until now. Another Twitter user gave the best analogy for this: “I have an almost five year old, whenever she says ‘don’t look in my room’ I run as fast as possible to her room.”

Colorado was pretty much a red state until Barack Obama. From 1952 until 2004, the state voted for GOP presidential candidates in 12 out of 14 elections, with the only exceptions being Bill Clinton in 1992 and Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Many people assume that the state permanently flipped blue after 2012, when Colorado legalized marijuana. Coloradans like to blame legal weed for the influx of people moving to the state, and it’s likely that the majority of those “transplants” who came for the weed were Democrats.

Colorado natives even have a popular bumper sticker which reads: “You got high, now go home!”

Unfortunately, most of these people didn’t “go home,” and ended up flipping the state blue. Outside of the major cities, like Denver and Boulder, which have Democrat supermajorities, the “country” parts of Colorado are mostly red. Yet, the state has been getting bluer every election. Now that the secretary of state has put a spotlight on Colorado, maybe it’s time to take a closer look and see if something funny is going on.

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