6 Senators Fought The Liberal Spending Spree Disguised as COVID19 Relief

Remember these six names: Senators Marsha Blackburn, (R-TN), Ted Cruz, (R-TX), Ron Johnson, (R-WI), Mike Lee, (R-UT), Rand Paul, (R-KY), and Rick Scott, (R-FL). These six Senators stood and fought the liberal spending spree that was disguised shamefully as COVID19 relief.

Since April, even with an election on the line, Democrats and Republicans couldn’t come together on a clean COVID19 relief bill, or on a federal budget. As a result the Democrats of the House under Speaker Pelosi chose to place a gun to the head of the American people.

The 5,593 page $2.3 Trillion bill now known as The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 is precisely the kind of nightmarish legislation that Sir Winston Churchill decried when he commented on a Parliamentary report

“This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.” -Sir Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister

This act of Congress like so many others was designed with that very defense in mind. This was only compounded by the short timeframe Congressmen were given to review the document: only 6 hours and then made even worse when a “glitch” delays printing and distribution leaving some unlucky members with a matter of minutes to review it before the vote. According to YahooNews “Democratic and Republican leaders sent advisories to members recommending a yes vote and listing key provisions of the package in bullet points.”

The Senators Who Stood

Senator Rand Paul took his speaking time during debate to devastate his fellow Republicans who cowered before pressure to vote in favor of the bill which passed both houses with little resistance. Paul said,

“If free money was the answer… if money really did grow on trees, why not give more free money?” he said. “Why not give it out all the time? Why stop at $600 a person? Why not $1,000? Why not $2,000? Maybe these new Free-Money Republicans should join the Everybody-Gets-A-Guaranteed-Income Caucus? Why not $20,000 a year for everybody, why not $30,000? If we can print out money with impunity, why not do it?” According to FoxNews

Senator Ted Cruz joined his colleague from Kentucky in his outrage. Cruz released a scathing statement, “Simply put, Democrats exploited the need for relief to advance their political agenda instead of working on legislation that puts our nation on the path to recovery. Now more than ever, our focus should be on providing parents and families support for their children’s education as they’re struggling with school disruptions during this pandemic, empowering small businesses to re-hire their employees and re-open their doors by cutting taxes and rolling back burdensome federal regulations, and reining in out of control spending that further exacerbates the economic challenges we’re currently facing.”

Not to be outdone Senator Marsha Blackburn fired off an impressive twitter storm after making her own floor speach on the need for targeted relief on December 19th. Blackburn has been targeted by the left for censorship and personal harassments throughout the first year of her tenure. Blackburn said,

“The Minority leader threw another possibility of compromise out the window by AGAIN insisting that Democrats would accept the FULL HEROES Act or Nothing. That’s what small businesses have got, nothing. Because my colleagues across the aisle have basically said, ‘Give us everything we want or we’ll just vote no, we’ll just leave people suffering’.”

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) wrote via Twitter,

“For almost a year, Utahns have been fighting through terrible conditions to work, to find work, to serve their neighbors and communities as best they can. Congress has failed to meet their standard of courage and duty.

This COVID relief bill – like the one Senate Democrats blocked for months out of pure partisan politics – contains some much-needed items to help Utahns recover including more funding for faster vaccine deployment and an expanded charitable deduction.

Unfortunately, the COVID relief bill has been packaged together w/ a much larger government spending bill that is bursting at the seams with special interest handouts slipped into to 5,593 pages of legislative text in the dark of night. No one who voted for this bill read it.

This process has not overcome Washington dysfunction; it is Washington dysfunction. Even during a pandemic this is not how governing should be done, it is unfair to the American people, and that is why I voted no.”

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who just chaired what the left deemed a “Dangerous hearing” on the irregularities and allegations of 2020 Election fraud also voted against the bill.

Senator Rick Scott of Florida also voted against the $2.3 Trillion bill. Senator Rick Scott said, “Early this afternoon, we were finally provided the text of the combined $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill and $900 billion COVID relief bill. It is almost 5,600 pages long and we’re expected to vote on it tonight. Who in their right mind thinks that this is a responsible way of governing?”

  “But, in classic Washington style, vital programs are being attached to an omnibus spending bill that mortgages our children and grandchildren’s futures without even giving members a chance to read it.”

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