GOP Senator Breaks From Party, Flirts With RINO Territory

Turning his back on President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, GOP Sen. James Lankford gave his support to a Joe Biden presidency.

RINO Turns Back on Party and Trump

The Oklahoma senator said he will intervene if the Trump administration does not concede the presidential election that is full of voter fraud and collusion.

The RINO also complained that President Trump has not given Biden access to presidential daily intelligence briefings saying that the Democrat has every right to have this information.


As voter fraud swept through the 2020 election, President Trump is using the legal system to attempt to expose the corruption that appears to have occurred.

Election Winner Not Determined Yet

The winner of the presidential election has yet to be determined which is why Biden has not had access to the same briefings.

“There is no loss from him getting the briefings and to be able to do that,” the Oklahoma Republican told radio station KRMG, noting that he sits on the Senate Oversight Committee and that he’s already started engaging on this issue.


He added that if no progress is made on the issue by Friday, he will step in and say, “This needs to occur so that regardless of the outcome of the election, whichever way that it goes, people can be ready for that actual task.”

Many in the Republican Party have stood by Trump as they hope to get to the bottom of mass voter fraud. However, there are stray RINOs such as the Oklahoma senator who wants nothing more than to have President Trump removed from office whether unjustly or not.

Senator Backpedals

The senator is now backpedaling probably due to pushback by his own party.

He later tweeted what his support for recounts.

“President @realDonaldTrump is fully in his right to ask for recounts and for every legal question to be fully vetted and resolved,” Lankford wrote. “It is important for the 71 million Americans that voted for President Trump that at the end of all this their questions are answered.”

    1. Has Lankford even for a SECOND considered the repercussions of giving classified information to someone who we ALREADY know sold out to China?

  1. That is what you get from the low hanging fruit in the Republican party. They have been allowing the deception, of the American public, for a long time. These RINO’s should be eliminated along with the communist Democrats. Look at the monies they received from CHINA during this election alone, it is illegal and they should be punished for it.

  2. All 45 GOALS within THE COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA have have been fully accomplished and a principal cause for the rotting of America from the inside out each acting as a MALIGNANT CANCER that continues to METASTASIZE until the country dies. One of these MARXIST GOALS was and is: “CAPTURE BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES IN THE UNITED STATES.”

  3. Joe Biden is not yet the officially authenticated President-Elect, unless the liberal biased media is now running the federal government. It seems that Senator Lankford is anxious to break the law, as he says it doesn’t matter to give security briefings to someone who has not been elected yet. “WHY”???

    Does Senator Lankford believe this attitude will gain him votes from the liberals in Oklahoma when he seeks re-election? It’s amazing how stupid some Republicans can be when they believe taking a liberal position will attain them votes from Democrats, when the Democrats’ candidate holds the same liberal positions and more.

    Senator Lankford doesn’t understand that a member of one party will not vote for a candidate of the opposing party, unless the candidate of the opposing party is offering something that their own party’s candidate is not and won’t. A perfect example of this is President Trump promising a border wall, securing the border, and deporting all illegal immigrants, which all the Democrat candidates were against, but most blue collar working Democrats wanted, and their votes gave President Trump the electoral votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

    So what is Senator Lankford offering the Democrats of Oklahoma that they won’t be able to attain from their own Democrat candidate? By Senator Lankford not backing his own party’s President just shows the Democrats in his own state that he is disloyal and can’t be trusted, and they already have enough candidates like that in their own Democrat Party, showing that Senator Lankford is not offering the Democrats of Oklahoma anything that they don’t already have in their own Democrat Party candidates.

  4. This is the problem with Republicans. You get a Democrat elected to either the Senate or House and you can be certain of one thing and that is hell will freeze over before any one of them breaks with the wishes of the party. But, Republicans wait patiently in the wings waiting for just the right opportunity to screw over his party. Some call these assholes RINOs, but what they really are is Democrats hailing from Republican states. Yes, that’s what I’m saying-they are total liars, they promise the folks back home that they are not only Republicans, but conservative Republicans. Then, they go to DC and screw the people who sent them there. In Oklahoma, Republicans win always and ever, so if your a Democrat and want to win, you lie through your teeth and claim to be conservative. Assholes like this jerk are the very reason Trump won in 2016. He wants Joe to be briefed on foreign affairs, but is he aware that Trump was NOT briefed because Obama worried he was owned by Putin. While that turned out to be a lie, I have real concerns about Biden being owned by Xi, so why they hell brief him?

  5. Seems the dumb ass’s out there can’t get it through their heads old joe isn’t the president . The votes haven’t been counted yet . So on till they are no one won the race yet . Then you got all the voter fraud to deal with yet . Weather you like trump or not … at least he didn’t have to lie and cheat like the delusional democrats did . If that dont tell you everything you need to know about the delusional democrats , then nothing will . Either your retarded and don’t know any better or your just that stupid you don’t care and follow blindly what ever the delusional democrats say . That’s a sad way to live if you ask me , Never to think for your self , doing what your told to just because . You really like living like that , or do you follow so they keep giving you free welfare and never having to get off your fat lazy ass’s . Votes for money pays the pills , That’s the delusional democrats way . Never bite the hand that feeds you . Corruption is still corruption , no matter how you look at it . If their this bad now … Just think how bad they will be in the future knowing they can get away with anything they want cause no one cares as long as they feed you with free warfare . What happens when the money runs out and they stop feeding you for free ??? Where will turn then ??? Don’t forget they live in millon dollar homes and eat ice cream from $4,000 refrigerators . Do you think they will care about you ??? Does anybody else think about the future of our country and our freedom ??? It’s not a trade off , so stop acting like it is . Protect the country or die with it .

  6. Lankford, that’s enough out of you. Don’t forget who put you there…the people of your state. Don’t be a RINO. Wait for the facts and be quiet.

  7. Another mccain quisling. You were elected as a Republican , so be one or resign your office. You are a TRAITOR!

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