Matt Gaetz Planning Unlikely Partnership With Eric Swalwell to Take Down McCarthy

Tensions have been incredibly high between Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for many months now.

In an attempt to remedy this, Gaetz devised an interesting idea after seeing a post made by Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell on Twitter.

The post read: “I’ve never seen a colleague make more empty threats — day in/day out than this guy. Gaetz folded like a cheap card table to make McCarthy speaker and will never — I repeat never — make a motion to remove McCarthy. I do not work with serious people.”

In response, Rep. Gaetz replied that if he were to make a motion to remove Kevin then how many Democrat votes could he count on?

He further clarified his suggestion by asking for assistance from Eric Swalwell in getting rid of ineffective leadership in the House.

Now, Rep. Gaetz has proposed a unique solution to the problem by suggesting he team up with Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell to rid the House of McCarthy’s speakership.

This would be done by gathering enough votes from Democrats to make a “Motion To Table A Motion To Vacate” against McCarthy’s leadership.

McCarthy has been facing criticism over several key issues including reaching a deal with Democrats to avoid defaulting on national debt, his stance on aid for Ukraine amid their war with Russia, and not releasing security tapes from January 6th Capitol Riot–all of which are points at which progress needs to be made within our government today.

Rep. Gaetz took notice of all this and had withheld his vote for McCarthy’s speakership as well as vowing this month to do better at holding him accountable via an additional post on X.

He stated that although he had given his best effort throughout the past 8 months it hadn’t been good enough–he promised to do better going forward because we deserve more than what is currently being provided by current congressional leadership.

Only time will tell if we’ll see this unusual partnership between Gaetz and Swalwell.

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