Former Lawyer and Co-Defendant Jenna Ellis Goes Against Trump

Ex-lawyer of Donald Trump and co-defendant, Jenna Ellis has now announced her opposition to the former president, saying she won’t support him being president ever again. In a recent conversation on “Jenna Ellis in the Morning” – a show hosted by Ellis on American Family Radio – she and talk show host Steve Deace discussed the possibility of another Trump run for president.

Ellis was among those indicted along with Trump in the Georgia case, which charged him and his supporters with racketeering.

She also recently voiced her opinion that legal fees incurred from this case should be paid by MAGA Inc., a political action committee that supports Trump.

This has led to speculation as to whether or not these fees will be covered if he runs again in 2024.

In their discussion, Deace commented that before considering another term as president, Trump “needs Jesus again because … his ambitions would be fueled by showing some self-awareness.”

To which Ellis replied that this statement “perfectly articulated exactly how I, as a voter feel,” adding that she can no longer support him for elected office due to his “malignant, narcissistic tendency” to deny any wrongdoing.

She also expressed concern over some of his supporters who are willing to put their love for him above their principles and conservative values.

Ellis emphasized that everyone must take seriously the choice they make when voting, suggesting it should not simply be based on one person but rather an understanding of what is best for America, its Constitution, and its citizens overall.

It seems clear from her comments that while Jenna Ellis may have once been dedicatedly loyal to former President Donald Trump during her tenure at The White House Counsel’s Office, she now opposes another presidential run for him in 2024.

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