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Mark Levin Calls For Hillary Clinton to be Sent to Prison ‘For Her Entire Life’

Renowned radio host and Fox News contributor Mark Levin recently made a powerful case that Hillary Clinton and other members of the liberal elite should be sent to prison.

He argues that they have broken the same rules they are using to prosecute former President Donald Trump, and should not be allowed to get away with it.

According to Levin, all of this started in the 1700s when classic French economist Frédéric Bastiat wrote about how laws can be twisted around in order to protect one group at the expense of another.

This is exactly what has been happening under Joe Biden’s administration with regard to their treatment of Donald Trump versus allies like Hunter Biden.

He points out that federal prosecutors have refused to let Trump use attorney-client privilege when defending himself against charges, while also refusing recusal requests from prosecutors who had conflicts of interest in certain cases.

On top of this, he believes there was jury shopping going on which violated Justice Department regulations.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has been free to go on a media tour where she makes assertions about Trump’s guilt without facing any repercussions for her own past lawbreaking behavior.

“She walks the country free, she’s gaggling all over the place, she’s getting in front of friendly media, she’s laughing about all these indictments,” said Levin during an interview on Fox News. “Hillary Clinton should be in prison for her entire life.”

As part of an FBI investigation into emails sent by Clinton on a private server (which were later deleted), it was found that she had broken 4500 different criminal statutes.

Most notably criminal statutes related to false statements made during an official investigation.

When asked about these emails during interviews or press conferences, Clinton claimed no classified information had been sent through them – a claim which is contradicted by evidence uncovered by investigators soon after they began looking into it more closely.

Despite these serious violations which could have landed her behind bars if proven true beyond reasonable doubt (the very same standard being used against Trump) nothing ever came from it.

This led many people including Mark Levine to believe that there is a double standard at work here between how high-profile Democrats are treated compared to Republicans -especially those associated with former President Donald Trump.

Levine isn’t alone in his criticism either; whistleblowers inside both IRS and FBI have come forward alleging political interference within their agencies which implicates even higher-ups within Joe Biden’s administration such as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen or Attorney General Merrick Garland among others.

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