Trump Train Takes Over GOP, RINO’s and Democrats Left Worried and Afraid

The Trump Train is already well fueled with donations and picking up passengers. One-by-one, true conservative Republicans have been making the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago to pay tribute to the Donald. Conservative politicians are well aware that their only chance of success in 2022 is to gain the blessing of the former president.

Trump is the key

Every political pundit who watches the goings on inside the Washington D.C. beltway has noticed the steady trickle of Republicans visiting former President Donald Trump in Florida exile to pay their respects. Kevin McCarthy is counting on help from the deplorable-in-chief to regain the House in the upcoming 2022 mid-terms.

Rick Scott, chairman of the GOP campaign committee also dropped by to firm up some arrangements geared toward taking back the Senate. Lindsey Graham visits as often as he can, simply because he likes to play golf.

At the same time, there has been one person conspicuously absent. Mitch McConnell used to be a friend of Trump but things have turned frosty these days. McConnell has become the Alpha RINO. Now the former President only makes him angry.

The GOP has finally come face-to-face with the realization that there is a split in the party where you’re either on one side or the other. It’s crystal clear that Mitch McConnell wants nothing to do with him.

If you aren’t 100 percent on board the Trump Train then you’re on the outside looking in. Experts are saying that “the standoff between the party’s two highest-ranking figures poses an uneasy test of political wills and loyalties.”

Junior members of Congress are the ones feeling the heat the most, dependent on the blessing of the party leader for their own careers.

Putting themselves out to pasture

Ever since Biden usurped power, Congress has gravitated to the right, especially in the Senate where an influx of new blood is nationalistically motivated. Meanwhile, RINO moderates can see the writing on the wall and they’re putting themselves out to pasture in retirement. The last thing conservatives need right now in a politically unstable climate is to be fighting among themselves.

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville says what’s on most Republican minds. “We’ve got enough problems without fighting within ourselves. You know, being a football coach, that’s what I would tell our players and coaches. You bring your whole team down. So that’s pretty much how I think about this. As a team, we don’t need arguing between teammates. We just need them to be on the same page.” Or in this case, all aboard the Trump Train.

The controversy is affecting Republicans where it helps the most, in the bank accounts. At the Republican donor retreat, Donald Trump prodded McConnell as a “stone-cold loser.”

The RINO used his thick skin to shrug it off. “What I’m concentrating on is the future.” He’s focusing on their mutual enemy, Imperial Leader Joe Biden. McConnell is trying hard to “position Republicans as the opposition” to the imperial agenda.

According to GOP strategist Scott Jennings, who is also a member of the McConnell faction, Mitch can pull it off if he manages to walk a tightrope over a swamp full of alligators. He says “McConnell and Trump aren’t jockeying for power as much as bringing complementary skills to the campaigns ahead.”

It might not be the greatest idea but it could work. “It’s easy to see how they both could frankly be successful in their individual goals without ever speaking another word to each other.” True deplorable conservatives disagree. They say it’s time to cut the rope right out from under the renegade moderate and feed him to the gators.

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