SCOTUS Ruling Stops Democrats Evil Plans Right in Their Tracks

Another Democrat agenda – which would have fast-tracked a review of increased mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic – was struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) on July 2, 2020.

Texas Dems Face a Big Loss

Texas Democrats attempted to get the order through before the state’s primary runoff on July 14. But SCOTUS denied the unsigned request and also rejected their inquiry to increase mail-in-voting for the primary elections while the legalities are still being debated in the lower courts.

Current Texas law only grants absentee ballots to people who are disabled, those over 65, incarcerated voters, or traveling voters, The Hill reports. In true Democrat fashion, the party is fighting to have the definition of “disabled” include individuals who feel scared of coronavirus exposure during in-person voting.


“I do not disagree with the decision to refrain from addressing them for the first time here, in the context of an emergency application to vacate a stay of an injunction. But I hope that the Court of Appeals will consider the merits of the legal issues in this case well in advance of the November election,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote, according to Fox News.

SCOTUS Sides Against Voter Fraud

However, President Trump celebrated the decision and posted about it on Twitter.


Democrats have been looking for ways to open the doors for voter fraud for several years, but have increased their efforts for the 2020 election cycle.

Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pointed out that allowing just anyone to vote by mail “would only lead to greater fraud and disenfranchise lawful voters.”

Last month, a district court judge ordered Texas to increase access to mail-in ballots, but the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned his demand. While there is still a chance that the Supreme Court will ultimately decide to entertain the case, the earliest that could occur would be in the fall.

“We still expect the case to be heard in mid-August,” Abhi Rahman, a Texas Democratic Party spokesman, said in a statement. “Texas Democrats will never stop fighting for the right for everybody to vote. Every Texan should be able to vote safely and without the fear of contracting a deadly disease.”

The Democrat Party also said it was disappointed, but “hope remains that the federal courts will restore equal voting rights in time for the November elections.”

As President Trump gets closer to possibly being re-elected in November, Democrats are determined to try to stop this at all costs. At least in this instance, their plans were thwarted.

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