Democrats Pleading With Michelle Obama to Join the Presidential Election

A rather interesting poll just emerged from Center Square.

It had bad news on two different fronts for Joe Biden.

First was in regard to the debates.

The second… Michelle Obama.

They Love Her

As far as the liberal horde is concerned, Michelle Obama can do no wrong.

As it turns out, as bad as Joe Biden is doing right now, the only Democrat out there that the horde wants more than Joe is Michelle.

Joe has some tight races, but he leads every other big name in the Democrat Party.

The only name that appeared above him in a head-to-head battle was Michelle Obama, and it was not even close.

Michelle led Joe 48 to 36, so you better believe the Democrat Party is out there pleading with Michelle to be on standby if Joe falters or they figure a way to make him not run.

The other news was that Democrats, a whopping 68 percent of them, want to see Joe Biden debate during the primary.

The DNC has already stated that it will not be sponsoring any debates, clearly protecting Joe from getting embarrassed on stage with Robert Kennedy Jr.

Clearly, the American people want to see if Joe can stand up there for more than 15 minutes and take the fire, proving that he is mentally fit for the office.

But, just like Trump, he has already stated that he will not be partaking in any debate, sponsored or not.

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