Biden Regime and Dem Leaders on High Alert Realizing their Mistake

Democrat leaders made a huge mistake. His Wisdom Joe Biden and The Imperial Palace have the nation’s Capitol on a DEFCON 4 scale alert but law enforcement is doing a double take. The facts aren’t matching up with the threats warned about in the security bulletins and nobody showed up for the promised insurrection.

Alert a false alarm

The insecure Imperialists pushed the panic button over a little chatter on internet, or so it seems. The way that others look at it, the Federal Bureau of Instigation tried real hard to push some unstable far-right freaks to storm the Capitol on cue again – but failed.

The undercover social media moles in the basement of the bureau have been burning the keyboards trying to get somebody to Boogie Woogie. It isn’t working but Washington is on high alert anyway. After the big false-flag barbarian invasion on January 6, true conservative patriots aren’t helping to build the illusion used against nationalism.


On Thursday, members of the National Palace Guard were everywhere, except those being treated for food poisoning from the scraps of garbage they are being thrown. Everyone is on high alert with rumors of a “possible plot” to storm Capitol Hill based on archaic history surrounding the inauguration date. The name of the group III Percenters was mentioned so Delta Force is standing by.

The media admits that the threat seems to originate with the FBI itself. “The threat appeared to be connected to a far-right conspiracy theory mainly promoted by supporters of QAnon.” Unstable and illiterate right-wing zealots get introduced to each other by Deep State handlers in the chat rooms, who then volunteer just the amount of illegal support needed to entrap someone on cue and make the bureau look good.

The FBI apparently tried to plant the fake rumor that “former President Trump would rise again to power on March 4.” Despite the anonymous promises “that thousands would come to Washington” in a move to yank illegitimate Democrats from office, nothing happened.”


The alert was a false alarm. Not only were there no signs of disturbance in the streets, “federal agents found no significant increases in the number of hotel rooms being rented in Washington, or in flights to the area, car rental reservations or buses being chartered.”

The ‘original’ inauguration day

Up until 1933, U.S. presidents were sworn into office on March 4. Some entity has been trying real hard to convince everyone that this year it will be the day Donald Trump overthrows the Imperial Palace.

Nobody bought it but all of Washington D.C. is on red alert anyway. The Capitol Building is surrounded with security fencing, razor wire and Palace Guard troops. There isn’t a single patriot in sight, yet the Pentagon is already planning on extending the military fortifications beyond the March 12 planned withdrawal.

Congress is grilling Capitol security officials this week over the January 6 security breach which occurred so easily that it almost appears that the insurrectionists were expected and allowed to penetrate the building.

Despite weeks of alert ahead of that crucial date, police weren’t ready for the barbarian horde, falsely identified as “Trump Supporters.” Mindless zombies under the control of professional psychological warfare specialists like Captain Emily Rainey is more like it.

Government officials are so terrified that there will be another attack they’re hiding under their desks. The House wrapped up Wednesday and vanished from the district so fast the air made ‘pop’ noises. The Senate decided to tough things out and keep working. Along with Capitol police working overtime, around 5,200 members of the Palace guard are patrolling the streets.

City officials claim they have justification for the high level of alert, they just can’t tell anyone what it is. According to acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman on Wednesday, “investigators had collected some concerning intelligence,” but it was “law enforcement sensitive.” The FBI is still hoping they can get someone to blow something up and save their reputation.

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