School Takes Woke Ideology to the EXTREME By…

The trendsetting Fairfax school board has decided that draconian punishments will be applied to students who persist in telling the truth. “Malicious misgendering” is to be treated as harshly as assault and arson and may result in expulsion. These penalties will apply to students of all ages, as the district has decreed that elementary school students will be subjected to sexual education lessons that encourage gender-swapping.

Misgender classmate, risk expulsion

The Fairfax County school board oversees one of the largest school districts in the country, and where it leads other public schools have a tendency to follow.

The school board is made up of exclusively Democrats, and their recent far-left decisions have been largely unanimous.

Fairfax has been progressively lowering the age at which students begin to learn about gender and sexuality, along with forming committees that urge students to transition in secret.

Now students and teachers who refuse to go along with their far-left policies will be treated as criminals and may be thrown out if the school board decrees it.

This means that a student who prefers to stick to biological facts and continues to “misgender” someone can be deprived of their access to a public school education in Fairfax County.

Fairfax officially no longer believes in biological sex; students are to be taught that they were “assigned” to a sex and are free to change it at will.

Fairfax sets trends

Virginia has been, along with Florida, at the center of a nationwide debate over education and far-left curricula. Parental anger at school boards was one of the deciding factors in last year’s gubernatorial election in Virginia.

Instead of moderating their radical stances, the Fairfax school board is doubling down on their extreme policies with new threats for students and teachers who object.

In such a solidly liberal area the school board is unlikely to be voted out even if it begins to apply such harsh punishments for students who “misgender” their peers.

More worrying is the fact that the Fairfax school board has been consistently ahead of national trends in far-left education.

The district embraced gender politics and adjusted its policies accordingly much earlier than most public schools; now these policies are almost inescapable.

The far-left would like to make misgendering a real criminal offense. That is out of reach for now, but they can force thousands of students to associate what should be free speech with real crimes.

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