After Proving How Disloyal He is to the GOP, RINO Now Facing STRONG Primary Challenger Who is a REAL Republican Not a Phony

Democrat sleeper cells like Illinois lawmaker Adam Kinzinger are finally being called out for their RINO proclivities. A real conservative stood up to shut up the disloyal traitor to the GOP. Catalina Lauf has a strong chance of defeating the phony Republican in the primary.

GOP Primary heats up already

The very second Catalina Lauf threw her hat in the ring as a GOP adversary to rogue RINO Adam Kinzinger, social media platforms started melting down.

The Republican In Name Only never-Trumper is terrified that his first ever primary opponent will be the one to unseat him. Social media users agree. Lauf’s announcement video picked up half a million clicks in 2 days.

“Fake Republican Adam Kinzinger won’t put AMERICA FIRST — I will. That’s why I’m challenging him for his seat in Congress,” She could hear the cheers rising from the streets.

GOP registered Republicans are thrilled to hear what else she said. “I am the daughter of LEGAL immigrants, a small business owner, & PROUDLY served in the Trump administration. Let’s send Adam home!”

On Wednesday, she added an update graciously acknowledging all the support. “Amazing. Thank you all,” she tweeted.

“A little over 24 hours after we launched our campaign against Adam Kinzinger, our video has been seen by well over 500k people & we’ve gained over 20k followers!” There is chance for the GOP after all. “Please keep sharing the message & follow our campaign! We will do this! God bless.”

Purging the party

The rank and file conservatives in America who registered with the republican party expect their representatives in government to be faithful to the principles of the GOP. Things like limited government, fiscal responsibility, and enforcement of laws.

Instead it has been hijacked by “moderates” who everyone knows are undercover Democrats. They’ve been working to destroy the party from within and it worked. The voters are fed up with it. If the party doesn’t purge itself, it’s doomed.

Kinzinger is a perfect example of what really pisses off conservatives. He’s allegedly one himself yet he spews liberal filth at the drop of a hat.

He’s so welcome at CNN that he can pretty much show up at the studio any time he wants and someone will stick a camera in his face. Recently uber-liberal Chris Cuomo stuck a microphone in front of the traitor. He couldn’t wait to throw the GOP right under the bus. As long as they embrace nationalism they will “be a minority party forever.”

Kinzinger can’t figure out why conservatives won’t drink the Imperial Kool-Aid. “I don’t understand why we can’t say such a basic thing which is that Joe Biden is the President.” We won’t say it because we don’t believe it.

“Look. We lost. Donald Trump lost and instead of complaining about that, we need to figure out why, and try to get more votes next time.” Trump had the votes, they were stolen away from him and the Imperial regime got away with it cold. The GOP is in for a huge shake up.

The earthquake hit when Lauf released an ad stating, “My name is Catalina Lauf, and this is Adam Kinzinger, a weak-kneed establishment Republican who cares more about his next MSNBC appearance than the voters who elected him. Not grounded in our home of Illinois, he looks for fame instead of remembering who he works for and the voters who elected him.” The GOP faithful know which to support.

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