RINOs Working Tirelessly With Democrats to Block SCOTUS Pick

A pair of rogue Republicans are still siding with the Democrats, tirelessly laboring day and night alongside the other liberals to convert two more RINOs before the Senate votes to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Even though the highest profile RINO in the herd, Mitt Romney, made it clear that he won’t stand in the way of President Donald Trump’s historic third SCOTUS pick since taking office, Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are saying no.

Not enough RINOs this time

Maine Senator Susan Collins isn’t happy with the “politicization of the Supreme Court.” She may have an “R” listed after her name but she’s always been counted with the Republican in Name Only RINOs. Besides that, she’s surrounded by Democrats in a bright blue progressive district. She knows that her “decision to break with President Donald Trump and fellow Republicans on a pre-election nominee” will cost her votes, she’s set on doing it anyway.


Collins needs all the votes she can get. She hopes that she can survive a quick run with the RINOs over the SCOTUS confirmation by trading the conservative votes she loses for liberal votes from her Democrat constituents. She was running slightly behind her Democrat challenger even before Ruth Bader Ginsburg checked out.

When Trump and the vast majority of Senate Republicans fast-tracked the nomination process, Democrats went spastic. The last thing they want to see is a 6-3 conservative majority court. Dragging Trump out of the White House is the only chance they have to maintain their precious swamp. They’re convinced they can do it, if they have to burn Washington, D.C. down around his ears. It won’t do much good if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed before the election. Democrats have stood shoulder to shoulder to vote unanimously for years, then count on the RINOs sprinkled around the other side of the aisle to accomplish their globalist agenda, one piece of legislation at a time.

What about Merrick Garland?

The only thing that Democrats have come up with to whine about in protest of replacing Notorious RBG before the election is that Republicans wouldn’t let Barack Obama pick Merrick Garland as a SCOTUS replacement before he left office. “That’s hypocritical,” they scream. And RINOs like Collins buy it hook line and sinker, even though their argument doesn’t hold water. “Collins and Senate Democrats have objected, pointing to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s decision to block the confirmation of a justice nominated by President Barack Obama in 2016.”


The core of the dilemma that Collins has, which forces her to side with the RINOs, is the fact that the Democrat majority in her home state of Maine are furious that Trump gets to make an unbelievable third SCOTUS pick. After all, it was Ginsburg’s dying wish not to be replaced by Trump. Since there is nothing about that in the Constitution, the Senators decided to move forward, full speed ahead.

The reason that even Mitt Romney is okay with the replacement process is that the Democrats and the RINOs who vote with them overlook a very important aspect of the whole situation. When Obama wanted to nominate Garland, He was a Democrat, while the Republicans held the Senate majority and were expected to keep it. If Democrats had been in charge of the Senate, Garland could be on the bench now, but they weren’t. That doesn’t apply at all this time. Trump is a Republican and they still have the Senate majority. The road is legally clear and nothing can stop it, except two more rogue defectors.

  1. I can’t see why these RINO’s are still in office or in Mitt’s case elected. I hope Palin runs for the senate in 2022.

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