RINO Mitt Romney Uncloaks for All to See

Raging RINO Mitt Romney bared his soul for everyone to see on Wednesday. After being the one and only “Republican” to vote for President Donald Trump’s impeachment despite the fact no actual charges were ever listed, Mitt split with the party to declare he didn’t vote for Trump. He’s too chicken to admit which candidate he did back.

Romney turns his back on Trump

Americans are asking, “why is Mitt Romney still registered as a Republican?” He’s not just a bi-partisan RINO, he came out of the closet as a Democrat long ago. He probably voted for Joe Biden but he’s too terrified to admit it. Rumors say he’s hoping Kamala Harris will give him a slot on the transition team.

There’s never been any love lost between fudge loving Mitt Romney and our President. The Senator from Utah has gone on quite a number of twitter sprees and rants at the press. He was miffed that his fellow Democrats couldn’t actually come up with any charges to convict Trump with so he voted for impeachment anyway. In 2016, he infamously declared Donald Trump as “unfit for public office, particularly the highest office in the land.” Romney couldn’t even beat Barack Obama.

Back in 2016, Romney didn’t vote for Trump either. At least that time he alleged that he voted for himself. Now everyone is wondering if he really voted for Hillary. Utah was so red that night that he’s afraid to admit if he did.

RINO turned rat

On Wednesday, RINO turned rat Romney admitted to the press that he already voted and it definitely was not for Donald Trump. Luckily for America, there are millions of folks who already canceled out his ballot. One of the few “Republicans” actually welcome on the CNN airwaves, Mitt oozed over to their studios to enrage conservatives.

The only thing that CNN could pin Romney down on was that he “did not vote for Trump.” He didn’t help out any of the third party candidates. Even if he burned his vote by voting for himself or Micky Mouse, it would be the same as voting for Biden.

In this election, it’s crystal clear to the conservative Americans that you’re either with us or against us. Conservatives are stockpiling ammo, standing back, and standing by to see what happens on November third and on down the line.

The fact that conservative militia and patriot groups are ready to back the president if Democrats try to pull a fast one in the election is on full display by one panic stricken Romney tweet. He’s terrified over “the president’s unwillingness to denounce an absurd and dangerous conspiracy theory.” The one that says he won’t step down if he loses.

The president won’t admit to that because if he does lose, it’s because the election was rigged. The people in the shadows who tell George Soros what to do are frustrated because their Helter Skelter fell through. All the right wing nut jobs they expected to jump the gun and start a live shooting war held back instead. Except for a few that were coaxed into action by the Deep State.

Now, all of the right wing gun loving patriots are practicing for target practice on the fireworks armed rabble Black Lives Matter army to regain the rule of law. They’re getting ready to come out of their big igloos and boogie on down. While patriots are packing their magazines, Romney is back in Utah packing fudge.

  1. Romney upstaged ‘Spartacus’—Cory Booker, as the biggest hypocrite in the Senate by claiming he is “Profoundly Religious” in a Mormon sex cult that is as repugnant as seeing 50-year-old Muslim men marrying 9-year-old little girls or the sexual proclivities of Weinstein, Cosby and Weiner.

    Remember Warren Steed Jeffs?… In 2011, Jeffs was convicted of felony counts against children, sexual assaults for which he is currently serving a sentence of LIFE PLUS 20 YEARS. In 2006, Jeffs was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for his flight from the charges that he had arranged illegal marriages between his ADULT MALE FOLLOWERS IN THE MORMON CULT and UNDER AGE GIRLS in Utah… was Romney a willing participant in this ugly conduct? HE SURE WAS SILENT. The Mormon sex cult lives behind locked gates in their secret “No-Go” society and pretends to be a ‘Christian’ faith that does not allow anyone but Mormons into their “Star Chamber.” Romney has made an ass of himself pretending to be ‘holier than thou.’

    BAIN CAPITAL [Romney’s company] invented screwing companies in what is now a familiar business strategy: ROMNEY Takes over an existing company for a short period of time—cuts costs by firing employees, runs up the debt, extracts the wealth, and moves on—many times leaving retirees without their earned PENSIONS. Romney became hideously wealthy earning over a BILLION Dollars doing this crap. He may think he is profoundly religious but his actions show us he is a corrupt man without a conscience.

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