Corruption Revelations Were ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Experts Agree

The allegations of corruption revealed to Congress by the IRS whistleblowers are “jaw-dropping.” The revenue service investigators clearly and firmly established three important points which prove Joe Biden belongs in prison, right alongside his son Hunter and half the family. The only thing keeping them out of jail is Merrick Garland, who’s just as crooked as they are. Not only that, he’s actually running this country until we can manage to get him impeached. He also needs to be imprisoned next to Christopher Wray and the Bidens.

Jaw-dropping corruption

Corruption is infecting our federal government like a cancer. When Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler blew the whistle to the House Ways and Means Committee it was only the beginning. Recently, they had the chance to tell their whole story to the American public and it was explosive.

Not only is the Biden family corrupt, the Federal Bureau of Instigation and Just Us Department spent years covering up all the Biden family crimes. Just like they helped cover all of Hillary Clinton’s tracks when she got in a little jam or three.

When Democrats can do no wrong, while rightful President Donald Trump gets assault hammered from pillar to post with charges stemming from frame-ups and manufactured crimes, something is seriously wrong. He’s looking at 400 years in jail for doing nothing, while Hunter Biden gets probation for bribery, money laundering and influence peddling, not to mention trying to write hookers off on his taxes.

The corruption runs all through the system, affecting the Treasury Department, IRS and CIA. Even the United States Postal Service seems to have been weaponized against conservatives. Laws themselves have become meaningless.

The first major revelation from the big oversight hearing revealed corruption in the form of “millions of dollars pouring into the family coffers from apparatchiks of corrupt and anti-American regimes seeking to buy Joe Biden’s political influence.

All the financial crimes were carefully covered up and swept under the rug. Joe Biden has been for sale since he was Vice President. The DOJ, FBI, Treasury and IRS went out of their way to cover that up for them.

Two systems of justice

Another thing that was on full display at the hearing is the obvious disparity in justice. Hunter Biden clearly got “preferential treatment.” You could call it that. You could also call it corruption. On July 26 the judge is expected to rubber stamp Hunter’s “sweetheart plea deal of the century.

The third major issue to be exposed by the testimony is that the entire Hunter Biden investigation was “sabotaged from within.” Garland and Weiss continue to swear up and down that the investigation was “conducted with independence and integrity.” It just didn’t result in any real charges for anything.

As the agents swore under oath, their probe was “blocked at every turn by Justice Department prosecutors as they tried to go about the routine steps investigators would take in any case — or, at least, any case not involving politically connected suspects.” They wanted to do searches and interviews and the Bidens were tipped off they were coming.

The alleged Biden family mole, Louis Freeh, was mentioned in the evidence as well connected to one of the case prosecutors. How can that not be a conflict of interest? The investigators documented millions of dollars in illegal bribes coming in from Russia, China and Ukraine but not a single crime was charged from it all. Only because the corruption runs all the way through the ranks of top federal officials.

When the crimes were first discovered, “Weiss and his underlings used the pendency of the 2020 presidential campaign as an excuse to instruct the IRS and FBI agents on the case not to take measures that might call attention to the investigation and thus influence the election.” It’s clear from the notorious FD 1023 form just released by Senator Charles Grassley that four months before the election the FBI knew that Joe Biden committed extortion.

Joe personally shook down the owner of Burisma, pressuring him into hiring Hunter and Devon Archer to do nothing jobs while sweetening the deal with $10 million in cash. In return Joe would, and did, make a problem prosecutor go away. It was an offer that Burisma couldn’t refuse. The corruption was neatly covered up by Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland until now. On the eve of it all being swept away under the rug forever.

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