They Finally Charged Him… Snopes Silent

When Isaiah Jackson was arrested, Snopes declared the story only “mostly true.” Back in July, an image went viral that depicted a Black man and a helper assaulting a White toddler. 20-year-old Jackson was photographed kneeling on the child’s throat while the other adult held the toddler face down with his hands behind his back. The image was captioned “BLM now MF.”

Snopes hasn’t changed their verdict

Two months after Clark County prosecutors in Ohio formally charged Isaiah Jackson directly in connection with a racist photo, Snopes hasn’t updated their qualified verdict. Immediately after Jackson was arrested, the liberal fact checkers rushed to debunk the allegation that “Isaiah Anthony Wayne Jackson of Springfield, Ohio, was arrested in connection with a widely shared photograph of a man kneeling on a toddler’s neck along with the caption ‘BLM now mf.'”

Snopes refuses to admit that a Black man can be a “racist.” According to their decision dated July 27, “Jackson has not been charged, tried, or convicted in relation to the photograph” because he was being held on a parole violation. Guess what, he’s been charged. Quietly, with not a peep from the press to update the public.

A week after the fact checkers buried the story for good, on August 4th, 2020, Springfield News-Sun reported a list of 12 people who were indicted in Clark County, including “Isaiah Jackson, 20, of Dayton: abduction.”

As directly evidenced by the photograph in question, Jackson was charged with a crime defined as “by force or threat, restrain the liberty of another person under circumstances that create a risk of physical harm to the victim or place the other person in fear.”

Guess what, Snopes owes someone an apology and that decision should be retracted. Facebook and other social media platforms use those reviews to censor stories, calling them untrustworthy. The couple and their cat which approve or decline questionable news stories have been debunked, but nobody is fact-checking the fact checkers. Once again, the rats are guarding the cheese.

Mother had no clue

As soon as the image went viral “two divisions of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office immediately began an investigation to determine the location of the incident and the identities of the individuals involved.”

Someone else got lucky instead. Jackson was arrested for violating his parole regarding another case. It wasn’t until after he was in custody that “he was identified as the suspect in the viral photo.” Snopes used that to declare the story only “mostly” true.

Once Police knew that Jackson was the man they were looking for from the photo, they connected the dots and went looking for the child. When the cops told the mother what happened, she was “shocked.”

They subsequently had the toddler checked out at the local hospital and he was given a good report, apparently sustaining no injuries in the incident. Snopes still hasn’t updated their story.

According to Snopes, Jackson couldn’t be a Black Lives Matter aligned racist because he wasn’t charged in connection to the photo, only with violating parole from a case where he “deliberately rammed his truck into a car he knew was being driven by a woman with whom he has a daughter in common.”

At the time, the arresting officer testified that “the woman had said Jackson was ‘becoming [increasingly] aggressive and violent with her, threatening her and her family.'” Now he’s an aggressive and violent racist too, charged with abduction as shown in the photo.

  1. Boy, are we in a pickle! The media only tells the stories that fit their meme, they want to protect us from lies, but the fact checkers are the worst liars in this or any other world (but then they’re Democrats, so what do you expect?). I’m trying to think of a way out of this problem and I can only think of one idea. The leftists have completely hosed up the second amendment to our Constitution, by making the claim that the founders couldn’t have possibly intended citizens to have the sophisticated weaponry we currently have available, so let’s just disallow any weapons we don’t like. Now, let’s look at the first amendment-the founders certainly never anticipated a press which only told one side of any story, ignored any story they couldn’t spin to favor their meme and lied as much as needed to make the story fit the meme. So, I propose we simply change amendment one as the leftists did with the second amendment. Suppose we just eliminated that “freedom” part-let them say whatever they like, truth or lies, then allow People damaged by their lies to sue their asses off? The freedom of the press was made a part of the first amendment because the founders knew that if citizens were to make good decisions about running their government they had to be fully informed. That simply isn’t happening now and it needs to change-the future of our country depends upon us citizens knowing the truth. There should be consequences for lying.

  2. Snopes, as usual with anti-American lefty outfits has great difficulty ever recognizing ANY negativity whatsoever when doing what they call “fact checking” on Democratic Party matters. They instead slink into Islamic dogma by invoking “taqiyya”. When Biden claims he “never took a (single) dollar from his son” or a foreign government Snopes actually expects you to believe he’s talking about a dollar bill, not vast amounts of pay-for-play transfers westerners naturally assume he denied taking.

  3. Snopes is completely untrustworthy and nothing they claim can ever be taken at face value. They are classic “Progressives” working to undermine freedom and prosperity based upon what is known about them. And by some accounts they are involved money related crimes.

  4. sNOPE has been a left leaning or should I say left butt kissing non-fact telling web site for quite a while….


    For gawd’s sake… if you’re going to have a black background on your Comments section at least have the verbiage in BOLD WHITE PRINT.

    I cannot read a damm single comment!

    Hasn’t anyone else complained?!?

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