Restaurant CAUGHT In Sick Trick Against Customers…

Ever since the ridiculous COVID lockdowns crippled the restaurant industry, there are some places that never came back and some places that just fell by the wayside.

Take a look at Red Lobster. A lot of the choices that they had to make to get people in the door the past year or two can directly be linked back to the government overreach.

That being said, there are some restaurants that survived and some of them are employing some pretty interesting tricks to keep people coming in the doors.

Some of them are pretty clever and actually kind of fun, while some are absolutely criminal beyond description.

There’s a place that my wife and I go to about once every couple of weeks that did a promotion for breakfast when they opened back up that they would give you free coffee with purchase of breakfast if you brought your own coffee mug.

Yeah, that one was actually pretty funny. You definitely saw a lot of dad jokes at that restaurant that month.

But there are some places that went about it, and are still going about it all wrong.

Take for example this uptick the past couple of years in what is referred to as tipping culture.

My God, they are asking for a tip for everything that requires an upright movement by a breathing human being these days.

Even if you are picking up a to go order a tip is being asked for. I get it if you are sitting down and eating, dealing with that from a customer required a good deal of effort. Cough up a few bucks if the service is good.

But if you are picking up, sorry…who am I gonna tip, the damn cash register?

Which brings me to a restaurant in Canada called Chicken Plus that did one of the foulest things I have ever seen.

When you get something from the counter at this place, when you go to enter in your debit card, there will be a little window that pops up asking the amount you want to tip. The problem is that these people covered up the spot on the screen that says “no tip” which tricks the customer into thinking they HAVE to leave a tip.

It just goes to show you that the ways that people try to scam their own customers is getting more inventive and more evil…


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