Protesters Fight Back Against Groomer Hosted Event

Outraged protesters confronted attendees at an event hosted by groomers at a Texas gay bar entitled “Drag Your Kids to Pride.” Children were instructed to throw money at drag queens performing obscene dances in front of a bright pink neon sign that read “it’s not gonna lick itself.” Local conservatives weren’t having it, and their outrage has inspired a Texas state legislator to introduce legislation that would ban children from being taken to drag shows.

Groomers confronted

Having been advertised under the name “Drag Your Kids to Pride” the event was explicitly urging parents to take children to the gay bar against their will.

Footage from inside shows the “performers” taking cash from very young children as they dance and gesture obscenely just inches from their faces.

LGBTQetc. pride supporters are outraged at the outrage that this caused, and the protesters who gathered to oppose it are being described as fascists for objecting.

Those protesters chanted “groomers” at drag queens and parents who dragged their children to the event. They held signs reading “Protect TX Kids” and some were wearing Trump hats and shirts.

The performance was advertised as “family friendly” but it looked like child abuse to the protesters and they were on hand in sufficient numbers to call it out.

There is really no other way for a normal person to interpret an event at a gay bar which encouraged coercion and told children “it’s not gonna lick itself.”

Republican lawmaker fights to protect Texas children

Conservatives are increasingly noticing that drag events are inherently sexualized displays that are typically directed at children, who are invariably urged to participate.

Still, few lawmakers have moved to stop the groomer through legislative action. State Representative Bryan Slaton is already working to change that.

Slaton has vowed to protect Texas children by making it illegal for children to be taken to events where they will be subjected to inappropriate sexual content.

The representative will face real opposition; mainstream media and Democrat politicians believe that children should be taken to these events, even if they will be exposed to public nudity or sexual fetish displays.

More Republicans will need to join with Slaton and the protesters if anti-abuse legislation is to make any progress. Groomers are obviously expected to fight vigorously against any law that would make grooming more challenging.

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert summed up the immediate conservative response to the scenes in Texas by urging parents to ” Take your children to CHURCH, not drag bars.”

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