Parents Force School District to Apologize for Exposing CHILDREN to INAPPROPRIATE Performance

Conservatives across the country have been infuriated by far-left content pushed by critical race theorists and “groomers” in public schools. Parents in one community have successfully managed to force a school to hold someone accountable for once. A Pennsylvania school that allowed a drag show and exposed minors to sexually explicit performances in the name of “LGBTQ+ history” has been forced to punish at least three of the employees who were involved.

School hosts drag queen show

Hempfield School District in Lancaster, Pennsylvania has apologized to parents and students for letting the event happen late last month and an investigation is now underway.

The district admits that a mistake was made and that the offending performance was completely inappropriate in a school setting.

The event in question featured drag queen strippers and sexually explicit dances, and it was organized by the school’s Gay Sexuality Alliance.

The district has not identified the three individuals who have been placed on administrative leave, but the Gay Sexuality Alliance’s advisors were involved in the event and encouraged students to attend.

One of the group’s student leaders complained to the media about the backlash, claiming that the context of the performance was being ignored.

This student argues that “Drag shows are an integral part of the LGBTQ+ community and its history” and that “heteronormative” sports can also be seen as inappropriate when seen out of context.

Parents force district to apologize

Parents do not agree with the idea that drag queen strippers are equivalent to students participating in wrestling or swimming.

They expressed their anger at a school board meeting which attracted hundreds of attendees and dozens of speakers from the community.

Parents complained that the district was promoting sexually explicit behavior and material by allowing the performance to take place at the school.

The apology may not have been as strong a response as some had hoped, but it is still a major achievement in 2022 compared to what parents have accomplished elsewhere.

Most parents in this situation could expect to be dismissed as uneducated bigots for expressing their concerns; some have even been forcefully removed from school board meetings elsewhere.

This community was confronted with something shocking and inappropriate and decided to act. For now, at least, they have forced the district to back down and respond to their concerns.

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