Video: Joe Biden Runs from Reporters, Refuses to Answer Questions

As the revelation of scandals of Joe Biden’s son Hunter continues to be revealed, reporters are trying to get answers but to no avail.

Biden Hiding from Reporters

The former vice president and his team appear to be trying to hide away from the shame that is surrounding the Biden family. However, despite the efforts of some reporters, Joe Biden is completely refusing to acknowledge any of his family’s corruption.

This week, a former business associate accused the Bidens of several serious financial related crimes.


There have also been reports of Hunter Biden engaging in inappropriate behavior with minors.

Scandal After Scandal

However, Joe Biden has lashed out at reporters and anyone else who has brought up questions surrounding his family’s inappropriate behavior.


A former business associate of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, came out with claims that the prominent Democrat family has a long list of crimes. Bobulinski is a retired lieutenant in the U.S. Navy told of concerns about Jim Biden, the brother of the former vice president, in 2017. He said that Joe Biden was part of a joint venture with a Chinese energy firm.

What’s Up with Ukraine and China?

The New York Post reports:

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, in the past has vehemently denied that he had any knowledge of his son’s business dealings in Ukraine and China.

But in a bombshell statement to The Post, Bobulinski accused Biden of lying and said they discussed the family business during a meeting at a Los Angeles hotel on May 2, 2017.

A new report Thursday claimed that Bobulinski had since met with the FBI as part of a previously unknown investigation into allegations of money-laundering by Hunter Biden and his associates.

Biden has been continuously been hiding away which has granted him the nickname “Hidin Biden.”

When reporters ask him questions surrounding the scandal, he get defensive and shuts it done. Now he is just avoiding taking questions from reporters all together.

  1. What we have here is clearly a candidate for the highest office in the land that is totally corrupt and is not being investigated. Where is the FBI and even the DOJ on this. We the people have the right to know and stop putting a man in the White House that does not belong there. Joe Biden is hiding from reporters for a reason. His family is also culpable. The leftist media has been covering for him from the beginning.

  2. And this is the guy who wants to be President — WOW :^( — and there are some deluded souls who are “supporting” him — “double WOW” !!!

  3. “Now he is just avoiding taking questions from reporters all together.”

    I’d get used to that real quick if I was them.

  4. The Whole Frigging “”””Biden”””” Family is corrupt and need to be Imprisoned for their “Crookedness and Lawlessness” … period!!!!!!

    WTF is going on in this “”””””COUNTRY””””””””””………………………anyway?????????????????????????????????

    Since””” WHEN””” is Lying, “Corrupt, Crooked and Lawbreaking People” … “””ALLOWED””” to “GO FREE” in this “COUNTRY” the USA????????????

    If this goes on the way it’s going and the “”Biden Family”” – starting with “Hunter,” ISN’T Truthfully “”Investigated, Proper Charges Made and Imprisoned for their “””Wrongs””” …. then the “””””USA””””” is ……………DONE, GONE, FINISHED and will be “”picked up and controlled by”” COMMUNIST COUNTRIES like CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just wondering, if by some un-holy chance hidin’ bidem did become elected before kamalalala took over, if a world leader did ask hidin a question would he run to his basement after he said something unintelligible or just go hide.

  6. Pedo Joe is a Democrap which means two things. 1) He LIES just by existing. And 2) He has not a single bit of brain matter in his entire body just MASSIVE AMOUNTS of WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER in his empty skull. While it allows Democraps to spew all sorts of IGNORANT S**T it does not allow for any real INTELLIGENT IDEAS to come out.

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