Prominent Democrat Lawmaker Openly Admits

Prominent Democrat Lawmaker Openly Admits [WATCH]

The Democrats are trying to do away with the filibuster again, and a prominent Democrat lawmaker spoke with far-left TV host Stephen Colbert to discuss their plans.

Discussing the Filibuster

After Senator Mitch McConnell threatened “scorched earth” if the Senate got rid of the filibuster, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke out, saying that Democrats refuse to let the filibuster stop them from pushing their agenda.

Stephen Colbert begins the clip by complaining that the Senate is the least Democratic part of our government, and stating that the filibuster is anti-democratic. Of course, Colbert doesn’t seem to realize that the United States is not, and has never been, a democracy. That is why the Senate and the filibuster exist, because we are a Republic.

“Let’s talk about the big, bold change that may be coming to the Senate. The United States is a representative democracy, the Senate might be the least representative part of that government because 45 million more people are represented by only 50 percent of the senators. The Democrats represent 45 million more people than the Republicans. The filibuster is the least Democratic aspect of our least Democratic part of our government,” Colbert begins.

“Are you going to make changes to it?” Colbert asked Schumer. “Because it seems like everybody, including Joe Manchin, seems to be okay with the idea of at least changing what the filibuster means.”

“Well let me say this: what unites our caucus from one end to the other is we need big bold change. The question is, how to go about getting it done. What is the preference? That Republicans join us. That maybe what they did in ARP is no longer the case, and we’ll give them a chance,” Schumer stated, referring to the American Rescue Plan, or the 2021 COVID-19 Stimulus Package.

“There are a number of my colleagues who say ‘let’s give them a chance.’ But if they vote no, like they did on the ARP, we can’t let that stop us,” Schumer added.

“I’ll take that as a definite yes, it’s going to happen,” Colbert responds, laughing.

“Our caucus is going to come together and figure out the best way to get change, but failure is not an option,” Schumer says.

“Mitch McConnell said, on the floor of the Senate, that if y’all change the filibuster, there will be scorched earth of the kind that no one presently sitting in the Senate has ever seen. What could possibly be more scorched earth than the way Mitch McConnell has just run roughshod for the past four to eight years, really?” Colbert asked.

“Mitch McConnell can do all the threatening and bluster he wants, it’s not going to stop us,” Schumer responded.


The Bottom Line

The filibuster exists because the Senate is a more deliberative body than the House. For bills to pass the Senate, they need to have support from both sides of the aisle. These far-left radicals currently controlling the government are not proposing moderate bills, they’re pushing radical, dangerous legislation. Yet, they want the Republicans to go along with it. It’s funny that Chuck Schumer is calling for getting rid of the filibuster when, just a few years ago in April of 2017, he was saying the exact opposite.

‘The legislative filibuster is the most important distinction between the Senate and the House,” Schumer stated. “Without the 60-vote threshold for legislation, the Senate becomes a majoritarian institution, just like the House, much more subject to the winds of short-term electoral change. No senator would like to see that happen.”

Mitch McConnell, in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, wrote: “When President Trump pressed Republicans to kill the filibuster, our Democratic colleagues cried foul. When our Republican majority stood on principle and refused to wreck the rules, our Democratic colleagues happily used the filibuster themselves. In some cases, they blocked legislation like Sen. Tim Scott’s police-reform bill. Other times, they simply did what minority parties always do—used the mere existence of the filibuster to influence must-pass legislation long before it got to the floor.”

McConnell is right, and hopefully he will keep his promise of “scorched earth” if the Democrats attempt to do away with the filibuster. Hopefully Joe Manchin will keep his promise of not voting to get rid of the filibuster. Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to pass their insane agenda without a fight.

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