They are Now SILENCING Deceased Marine Family Members for Speaking Out

The combined anger of the internet is now raining down upon Facebook for their transgression against not merely the freedom of speech and open discourse on their platform, but against the very notion of decency itself. The social network has according to reports, banned both the Instagram and Facebook accounts of Shana Chappell the mother of slain Marine Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui who was killed in Kabul during the cowardly suicide bombing conducted by the Islamofascist ‘ISIS-K’ group. Silencing this gold star Mom was a baaaaaad choice.

Chappell apparently ran afoul of the social media giant’s legion of content reviewers when she posted this missive to Joe Biden following the tragic death of her son, 12 other US Service Members, and approx. 170 Afghan civilians. Her account of the interaction she had with Biden is blood-boiling and a stark departure from what anyone could possibly consider appropriate conduct toward a gold-star parent from a President.

The Righteous Wrath of A Grieving Parent Who Didn’t Appreciate Them Silencing Her

“This msg is for you! I know my face is etched into your brain! I was able to look you straight in the eyes yesterday and have words with you. After I lay my son to rest you will be seeing me again! Remember I am the one who stood 5 inches from your face and was letting you know i would never get to hug my son again, hear his laugh, and then you tried to interrupt me and give me your own sob story and i had to tell you “that this isn’t about you so don’t make it about you!!!”

You then said you just wanted me to know that you know how I feel and I let you know that you don’t know how I feel and you do not have the right to tell me you know how I feel! U then rolled your fucking eyes in your head like you were annoyed with me and I let you know that the only reason I was talking to you was out of respect for my son and that was the only reason why, I then proceeded to tell you again how you took my son away from me and how I will never get to hug him, kiss him, laugh with him again, etc… u turned to walk away and I let you know my son’s blood was on your hands and you threw your hand up behind you as you walked away from me like you were saying “ ok whatever!!!

You are not the president of the United States of America Biden!!!! Cheating isn’t winning!!! You are no leader of any kind! You are a weak human being and a traitor!!!! You turned your back on my son, on all of our Heros!!! you are leaving the White House one way or another because you do not belong there! MY SONS BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!! All 13 of them, their blood is on your hands!!!!

If my President Trump was in his rightful seat then my son and the other Heros would still be alive!!!! You will be seeing me again very soon!!! Btw as my son and the rest of our fallen Heros were being taken off the plane yesterday I watched you disrespect us all 5 different times by checking your watch!!! What the fuck was so important that you had to keep looking at your watch???? You are nobody special Biden!!! America Hates you!!!!!”

Since Shana published the post it has accrued over 15K reactions and over 10k shares.

Hours after the massive blowback against the baffling decision began to reach a critical mass, the silicon valley elite realized this wasn’t going away or ending well and yielded.

According to The New York Post, “Chappell’s Facebook and Instagram accounts appeared active as of Tuesday morning. Facebook confirmed to The Post that her account removal was a mistake.

“We express our deepest condolences to Ms. Chappell and her family,” Facebook said in a statement. “Her tribute to hear heroic son does not violate any of our policies. While the post was not removed, her account was incorrectly deleted and we have since restored it.”

Stop us if you’ve heard this one every other time a tech giant really underestimates how much they angered the public.


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