Senate Pushes to Get to the Bottom of All This Election Fraud

Ron Johnson went on twitter yesterday to announce a Senate hearing today spotlighting the irregularities in the presidential election, tweeting about the news and noting, “a large percentage of Americans simply don’t think this was a legitimate election. That’s an unsustainable state of affairs for our country.” His committee plans to get to the bottom of all the election fraud.

Senate hearing ‘divisive and bitter’

Senator Ron Johnson’s last official hearing as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee was described by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as “a divisive and bitter one, devolving at one point Wednesday into a near shouting match between the Wisconsin Republican and the panel’s top Democrat, Gary Peters of Michigan.”


The exchange got heated when Peters exclaimed, “This is terrible what you’re doing to this committee,” and Johnson fired back “It is what you have done to this committee.”

The finger pointing and name calling was focused on the issue of “Russian disinformation,” with both sides calling the other “liars.”

Ever since 2016 the Democrats have been trying to pin fake collusion charges on President Donald Trump when all along it was Democrats who were colluding with Russia. The Senate panel really became a battleground when the 2020 election results came up.


The official subject of the Senate committee hearing was fraud in the election. The hostility between the highly polarized camps was obvious as “senators on both sides took turns airing their grievances about the presidential contest and its aftermath.”

Johnson noted that Joe Biden has the highest numbers but underscored the fact that nobody in America has any faith that those numbers are anywhere close to accurate. Johnson called for a “noncontroversial probe into how to improve public confidence in elections.” We certainly have none now.

Fraud and irregularities

Democrats on the Senate panel didn’t want to hear a word that Johnson had to say about “fraud and irregularities.” All the liberals could talk about were the lawsuits which weren’t successful in court.

Two witnesses independently testified regarding Wisconsin and Nevada. “Both made claims of election-altering misconduct that were not sustained in myriad post-election legal fights.”

Rand Paul is convinced that the “election in many ways was stolen.” Liberals in the Senate were ready to assault the man, calling the claim, “unfounded” and “rejected by conservative and liberal judges and election officials around the country.”

Most Americans are solidly behind Senator Paul in his assessment. President Trump weighed in on Twitter, asserting that “Massive FRAUD took place with machines, people voting from out of state, illegals, dead people, no signatures—and so much more!”

“This hearing is not dangerous,” Johnson said Wednesday. He politely informed his recalcitrant Senate colleagues that “we have a problem, a very serious problem” with elections “that has to be acknowledged.”

Democrats just want to accept the illegitimate Biden win and go home. “We’re past the point where we need to be having conversations about the outcome of the election,” Democrat witness Christopher Krebs testified. He’s still ticked off that he got fired by Trump for declaring the election totally secure.

  1. Utterly amazing when the State and Federal authorities have investigated over 1000 voter Fraud accusations and not found one of them to be substantiated by facts , and yet there are some who refuse to believe any of it, but believe what one person and a few supporters are pushing, Election Fraud, but exactly where is the actual proof of that fraud if it is so bad.

  2. How would the Democrats feel if the shoe was on the other foot? The fraud during the election is real and more than enough to flip the election. The legal cases were lost because the judges would not hear the cases!

  3. It seems like that whenever liberals are in the wrong, they resort to name calling and yelling to make their point. The polite Republicans, trying to be civil always seem to capitulate and end up letting the people down.

  4. I say we have another election however They must be supervised If there is a problem stop it right there Mail in ballots will be verified all voting machines will be verified correct and as I said people to control any problem and it will also control the outside for any problem with voter coercion The voter must show a federally accepted ID that will be matched with the voter registration logs This is the only true way to do it

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