Breaking News: U.S. Border Patrol Port of Entry Deadly Shootout

A deadly shootout happened Friday evening near the San Ysidro crossing between Mexico and California. An unidentified alien was shot and killed by an agent of the U.S. Border Patrol. Officials are still investigating.

Shootout on the Mexico border

The crossing station at San Ysidro is “the busiest international border crossing in the world,” allowing access between Mexico and the area south of San Diego. At 5:45 p.m. on Friday, an incident occurred near the Las Americas Premium Outlets mall.

As related to the press by chief patrol agent Aaron Heitke, who runs the San Diego Sector, a non-U.S. citizen “became involved in an altercation with a border officer.” Paramedics arrived on the scene and pronounced the suspect dead at 6:25 p.m. Lieutenant Andra Brown of the San Diego Police Department notes “the man was involved in an altercation with the agent on federal property, but it was unclear what caused the altercation.”


Even though none of the police officers were involved in the shooting, homicide detectives were assigned to assist in the investigation. The area where the shootout occurred is described as “a heavily fortified area” near the San Ysidro pedestrian crossing into Mexico and it sits “in a strip of federal property between two tall border barriers.”

Not sure if he was a fence jumper

The suspect was definitely not a U.S. Citizen, Lt. Brown confirmed, adding that, “authorities knew his name but were not immediately releasing it.” She also wouldn’t confirm or speculate as to whether he had illegally crossed the nearby border. Images from the scene depict the body covered by a yellow tarp “near a guardrail at the top of a service road above a roughly 20-foot drainage ditch.” both the “altercation” and the shooting happened in the same location.


Directly south of Virginia Avenue, the dead-end street “serves as a bus and taxi route and passenger-loading zone between the outlet mall and the walkway into Tijuana.” While U.S. investigators worked the scene, “Mexican police officers were stationed about 20 yards away on the south side of the border.”

There is an extremely good reason why “the area between the border barriers where the shooting occurred is lined by surveillance cameras and regularly patrolled by agents.” Also, “there were several witnesses to the incident.”

“His immigration status has no bearing on the investigation that the San Diego Police Department is conducting,” she declared. The Border Patrol agent who shot the man “was the only agent involved” and “was not seriously injured.”

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