Police Officer Slashed in Neck, By Man who Likely Beat and Stabbed Two Others to Death

Police Officer Slashed in Neck, By Man Who Likely Beat and Stabbed Two Others to Death

A police officer has been slashed in the neck during a violent encounter with a murderer that left three people, including the man’s teenage son, dead.

Arkansas police received a call at approximately 6:00 a.m. about a confrontation outside of a home, and dispatched several officers to the scene. An officer who had only been on the force for around 16 months was the first to arrive, and was met with a disturbing sight.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officer found Christofer Conner, 40, beating a 15 year old boy in the face and head with a rock.

When the officer attempted to take Conner into custody, he pulled out a blade and slashed the officer’s throat. The officer responded by firing his weapon twice, striking Conner. Reports indicate that the gunshot wounds were fatal.

The officer has not been identified, but Fort Smith police have confirmed that he was rushed to the hospital and into emergency surgery.

The teenager, who was later determined to be Conner’s son, did not survive his injuries. After sustaining multiple stab wounds and severe blunt force trauma, the boy was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

According to Fort Smith Police Chief Danny Baker, other officers who arrived at the scene entered the home and found “evidence of an extremely violent attack.”

That evidence included the body of Julia Marie Moore, 42, who was found in the home deceased from several stab wounds.

A five year old child was also found inside the home. Reports indicate that the child was found safe, and placed with relatives.

It is unclear how Conner was related to Moore or the young child.

It has since been announced that the injured officer was in stable condition after surgery.

Chief Baker spoke out about the incident during a press conference.

“Fort Smith is a wonderful community, and when unimaginable tragedies like this happen we are all left scared, angry, frustrated, sometimes hopeless,” Baker said. “I’m thankful for officers who are willing to put their lives on the line when evil threatens our community. I’m thankful for the medical team who took care of our officer. And I’m thankful for a community that always pulls together when tragedy strikes.”

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