New Disturbing Execution Method Set to Roll Out in This State

A federal judge is ordering Alabama to come to the decision on whether or not they will be using a new untested execution method called nitrogen hypoxia to carry out death sentences.

This disclosure during a court hearing regarding inmate Alan Miller’s request to block his scheduled execution by lethal injection.

The inmate asserts that the prison staff misplaced paperwork he had returned in 2018 requesting nitrogen hypoxia.

This execution method was previously authorized by the state but has yet to be used.

The term hypoxia is defined as there not being a sufficient amount of oxygen in the tissues of the body for it to perform regular functions.

On the other hand, nitrogen hypoxia is a form of gas asphyxiation where nitrogen is used as a diluting agent to reduce oxygen concentration to fatally low amounts.

At 16% oxygen levels, breathing becomes difficult.

By 4% to 6% a person can enter a coma in about 40 seconds.

From The beltway report:

Along with beheading people who committed terrible crimes, execution by electrocution is probably the most horrific way to put someone to death. The electric chair has ended the lives of many of America’s most notorious criminals.

On January 16, 1936, the electric chair even executed the so-called “Boogeyman.” But despite its ability to achieve the necessary end result, there are some unsettling things about death by electrocution. Nevertheless, along with lethal injection, the electric chair is still used in the U.S.

But the scientists working on better methods to execute a necessary evil may have discovered a new method. There is a high likelihood that Alabama will use this new method of executing death row prisoners. It’s called “nitrogen hypoxia.”

Alabama has executed 72 death row inmates since 1972. The state has one of the highest execution per capita rates in the nation. Now, Alabama may have a new method for performing a necessary evil. Many states with the death penalty will be closely watching this story.

Source: Thebeltwayreport


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