Michelle Obama Sets Internet on Fire with ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit

Boy, oh boy, were the fashion police out for Michelle Obama.

The former First Lady took a beach day with her daughters.

Michelle’s outfit caused quite a stir.


Michelle was pictured wearing white denim shorts, a shirt, and a white bikini top.

When she was walking around with her shirt open, people just about lost their minds.

One person completely approved of her attire, writing, “She does look great. So do her kids.

“The family should be left out of politics.

“I don’t think Michelle needs our approval. She is a self-confident, elegant woman.”

The negative comments were far more prevalent, though.

One person wrote, “People are pining for the days when they had a beautiful, intelligent, eloquent first family who had some decency.”

Another wrote, “Totally inappropriate for her age and who she is.

“Her daughter looks embarrassed. Rightly so!”

Here is the video…

So, you guys tell me… appropriate or inappropriate for a former First Lady to showing off her goodies on the beach?

Source: Independent Minute

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