These Dems are Deeply Entrenched With the CCP, LOOK Who they Are

These Dems are Deeply Entrenched With the CCP, LOOK Who they Are

Republican Representative Mike Gallagher is calling out Democrats that have deep ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), trying to stop Joe Biden from appointing one to an important position.

Gallagher is a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and is fighting back against the appointment of former New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu as infrastructure czar, where he would be in charge of overseeing $1.2 trillion in infrastructure spending.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Gallagher said:

“Mitch Landrieu served as an advisor to the United States China Heartland Association, a group that is funded by CCP United Front organizations and that promotes Chinese investment in U.S. infrastructure projects. This should disqualify him from overseeing the implementation of President Biden’s massive infrastructure package. The President must immediately reconsider this selection and find another individual — who hasn’t advised an entity funded by the CCP — to do the job.”

The Heartland Association works with Chinese companies and organizations in the Communist Party’s United Front system in an effort to develop ties between China and the United States.

If Landrieu is appointed to the position of infrastructure czar, he will have a lot of influence over the allocation of funds towards roads, bridges, broadband infrastructure projects, and much more. According to reporting from the Washington Free Beacon: “While the infrastructure bill contains some provisions that require a preference for the purchase of construction materials manufactured in the United States, it allows for waivers to purchase materials from foreign companies.

Landrieu is not the only Biden appointee with connections to this CCP group. The Washington Free Beacon reports that “Biden’s nominee to head the Export-Import Bank, Reta Jo Lewis, also advises the Heartland Association.”

The chairman of the Heartland Association, former Missouri governor Bob Holden, has called for more Chinese investment in American infrastructure projects, stating that the U.S. has “a huge need to rebuild our waterways, bridges and highways.”

China uses these investments to its advantage, slowly taking control of other countries. The CCP has used its “Belt and Road Initiative” to invest in infrastructure projects across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Many Americans are concerned that China uses this initiative to obtain leverage over foreign countries.

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