Newly Released Report Shows Trump Was Absolutely Right NOT to Concede

A big newly released report shows evidence that President Donald Trump was spot on with his choice to not concede the stolen 2020 presidential election.

Big Report From Georgia

Georgia state senators have released a report where they studied the November 3 election. The lawmakers found ample evidence of illegal activity that was done by the workers at State Farm Arena in Atlanta. 

“The events at the State Farm Arena are particularly disturbing because they demonstrated intent on the part of election workers to exclude the public from viewing the counting of ballots, an intentional disregard for the law. The number of votes that could have been counted in that length of time was sufficient to change the results of the presidential election and the senatorial contests,” the report from the state Senate’s Election Law Study Subcommittee reads.

“Furthermore, there appears to be coordinated illegal activities by election workers themselves who purposely placed fraudulent ballots into the final election totals.”

Corrupt Workers Caught

The workers in question were the ones counting mail-in ballots located at the arena.

The Epoch Times reports:

Workers counted mail-in ballots at the arena. According to surveillance footage and witness testimony from Election Day, workers stopped counting ballots around 10:30 p.m. but resumed after observers and media left.

A spokesman for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told The Epoch Times in an emailed statement: “The report makes rash conclusions based on a one-sided presentation of conspiracy theories, poorly assembled data and conjecture. Of the many courts that have reviewed this same jumble of misinformation, none have found one shred of it to be credible. It is disappointing that the members of the study committee let their political allegiance cloud their judgment when dispassionate analysis by the courts have determined the allegations to be nonsense.”

Trump Keeps Fighting

As President Trump continues to fight for justice, other Republicans with a backbone are also battling the voter fraud that overtook the election.

  1. Is there really any need to comment on what went on during this election? Maybe, however, since the courts just flat out refuse to allow any lawsuit to advance or be heard in any court including the US supreme court, how can anyone say there was no voter fraud? You can not with any credibility. It is very disturbing to head people say, “but 56 courts have ruled there is no evidence of voter fraud.” That is a flat out lie, and they know it. No lawsuit has been heard. If the Democrats, RINOs (like governor Kemp & Brad Raffensperger), big tech (Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram), Dominion Software, underage people, prisoners, insane people, and mail-in ballots, are allowed to be used in any future elections the same result will occur.

    1. Spell check did not work correctly above. This sentence should read: It is very disturbing to head people say,
      It should have read, “It is very disturbing to hear people say,”

  2. This election is being supported by corrupt politicians and out and out criminals. If they are so sure there is no fraudulent activity going on, then why don’t they do an honest investigation and find out? The answer is that they are part of the fraud.

  3. Raffensperger is a total jerk & is lying to the American people. Maybe he is being paid off. Kemp who is also a jerk has not helped the situation. These two have created so much chaos. I hope they received the consequences that they are deserving of.
    Georgia needs to fire both of these jerks.

  4. The Courts have not looked at the evidence because they dismiss cases brought before the courts on STANDING .

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