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Mike Johnson OUT… Democrat Leader Taking Over

I just read a really interesting article on Yahoo about the most powerful man in the House.

No, it may not be Speaker Johnson (R-LA).

After seeing how several events recently played out, that honor may now belong to Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.).

Shadow Speaker

Just how much power does Speaker Mike Johnson have if he is not standing up to Democrats?

Quite the opposite, actually, as he is passing legislation that is getting more Democrat support than Republican.

When all of Democrat leadership steps up to defend you amid a quest by another GOP member to have you ousted, I would have to say you would appear to be nothing more than a talking head.

So, if Johnson is not the leader of the House, does that make Jeffries a shadow Speaker?

This is a major problem for the GOP on several different fronts.

First and foremost, and most obvious, is the chaos this has created in the House.

Republicans have not been able to get anything meaningful passed that has worked its way through the Senate to get Biden’s signature.

Not only that, but some of the biggest measures passed were to remove their own members.

Polling on this is fairly horrific right now, with many voters wondering if Republicans can get it together enough to legislate properly.

How does this impact the upcoming election? Well, this is a nightmare scenario regardless of who wins the White House.

If Trump wins and Dems take back the House, they will not only block any possible GOP legislation, but I would guarantee that Dems would try to impeach Trump again.

And if Biden wins the election, this would give the Dems free rein over our government to pass whatever they want.

This is why I believe, more so than the White House, the House is the key to Republicans winning again in 2028.

I will not be as dramatic as Democrats to predict the end of our Democracy if we do not win, but the conservative movement in this country will be in big trouble if we cannot hold and expand the House.

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